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Interested in learning more about a particular financial topic? Scroll the list of articles below to find resources from our award-winning publications and certified-members.

Retirement Security: A Discussion with Alicia H. Munnell
The director of the Center for Retirement Research at Boston College provides her perspective on retirement security and asset decumulation.

Behavioral Coaching: Helping Investors Run Their Best Race — Zar Toolan
Clients find it difficult to resist emotional decision-making and in-the-moment behavior, but a solid plan can boost the likelihood of achieving their financial goals.

Behavioral Finance: Finance for Normal People — Meir Statman, Ph.D.
Behavioral finance describes the wants, shortcuts, and errors that affect the behavior of normal people and that are reflected in financial markets.

Why Impact? Why Now? — Noel Pacarro Brown, CIMA® , CPWA®
Investors are asserting their worldviews with how they spend, give, and invest money; impact investing is the natural solution.

Who Is a Fiduciary and What Does a Fiduciary Investment Advisor Do? — Blaine F. Aikin, AIFA® , CFA®, CFP®
Duties of fiduciaries align to what society expects and prospective clients value most: trustworthy and competent advice.

Investment Strategy: The Enigma of Investing — Peter Mladina, Charles Grant, CFA®, and Steven Germani, CFA®, CFP®
The conventional wisdom on investing can be wrong when it is not based on key principles
of how capital markets actually work. Without the right analytical framework, surprising
investment enigmas emerge.

Legacy Planning: Prepare Your Rising Generation — Dennis T. Jaffe, PhD 
Generative families have prospered economically and have developed a sense of family connection that has contributed to leadership and success across generations.

Retirement Strategy: Assess Downside Risk, Upside Potential—Rob Williams, CFP®, CRPC®
Investors who are nearing retirement need to think about diversification but also consider lower-volatility investments or investments with protections to create a floor for the portfolio.

Tax Planning: Strategies to Consider — Suzanne L. Shier, JD
How to stay actively involved in your tax planning before and after tax season ends. 

Why Work With a CIMA Professional?
What does a CIMA professional bring to their clients?

Why Work With a CPWA Professional?
What does a CPWA professional bring to their clients?

Select the Right Professional 
Information about selecting the right financial services professional to meet your needs.