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2018/2019 Fee Structure

Certification & Membership Alignment Fee Structure

In response to member input, the Institute offers a membership-certification alignment option for certified professionals to connect their annual membership renewal to the biennial certification renewal date. Benefits include:

  • Convenience. Less paperwork and mail, fewer reminders, and the option to manage two renewals at one time.
  • Cost savings. Members who align their certification and membership renewal dates ultimately save money over the cost of renewing membership and certifications separately.
  • Staying connected. By renewing your membership, you’ll stay connected with the Institute community and continue to enjoy the rich member benefits package, which entitles you to the member price for any additional Institute products or services you purchase.
If your certification is due for renewal in 2018 or 2019, your pricing (USD) options are:
Certification Renewal Fee
(2 Years) Nonmember rate
Certification Renewal Fee
(2 Years)
Member Rate
Membership Fee (1 year) Total Membership (1 year) + Certification Fee (2 years) Total Membership (2 years) + Certification Alignment (2 years)



$345 regular

$320 alignment

$620 ~$915

Why price adjustments?

For years, the Institute membership has subsidized the cost of certifications. At the same time, the Institute has continued to dedicate resources to build and protect the value of certifications. CIMA certification is still the only financial services credential in the U.S. to meet an international standard for personnel certification. CPWA certification is the premier certification for wealth managers working with high-net-worth clients.

The Institute has launched multiple technologies that make it easy and convenient to report CE credits, renew certifications, and monitor and manage the certification process. Membership-certification alignment more accurately represents the true cost of membership and certification renewal.