RMA Education Capstone

Retirement Management Advisor Education Capstone is a two-day, in-person event offered in an executive education format. Presented concurrently with the Institute’s Annual Conference Experience–ACE (May 2018) this Capstone provides a deeper application of knowledge and skills learned in the RMA online course facilitated by leading Ivy League academics, as well as experienced practitioners.

Zvi Bodie, Ph.D., Professor

Boston University

Zvi Bodie, professor emeritus, Boston University, has authored and edited many books and articles on pensions and investing for retirement. His textbook, Investments, co-authored by Alex Kane and Alan Marcus, is well-known and is used in the certification programs of the CFA Institute and the Society of Actuaries. In 2007, the Retirement Income Industry Association presented him with a Lifetime Achievement Award for applied research. He earned a Ph.D., Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and has served on the finance faculty at the Harvard Business School and MIT's Sloan School of Management.