Howard Fineman, Journalist and Political Commentator

NBC News

Howard Fineman, journalist and political commentator, NBC News, taps into unrivaled knowledge of the political and media landscapes to present vivid insights into politics and international affairs. Known for his wit as well as his work, Mr. Fineman is a regular on Meet the Press and the former global editorial director of HuffPost where he oversaw 17 global editions. He regularly covers elections and is currently covering the 2018 mideterms, having travelled in and reported on 49 of the 50 states.  His decades long editorial experience in senior roles in digital, broadcast, and print media, includes coverage of seven presidents and their administrations. Mr. Fineman often speaks on presidential politics, the relationship between the White House and Capitol Hill, and the ways politics and policies shape our ties with foreign countries and governments. The author of the best-selling political history book, The Thirteen American Arguments, he is particularly skilled at dissecting power dynamics as well as the motivations behind some of the beltway’s biggest names and policy proposals.

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