Michael Casey, Senior Advisor

MIT’s Digital Currency Initiative and Author

Michael Casey, senior advisor, MIT Digital Currency Initiative, and co-author, The Age of Cryptocurrency and The Truth Machine and The Social Organism, demystifies the blockchain, the decentralized record-keeping system driving the bitcoin revolution, and offers a sweeping vision of how new technologies are empowering people to take charge of their lives and creating disruptive innovation across all industries. An expert on financial innovation, global capital markets and economics, and a student of what “money” and “value” really mean, Mr. Casey conceives of a new digital society in which software and algorithms will replace our outdated, analog legal systems to bring transparency, objectivity, and integrity to the knowledge-sharing society forming around us. Casey will soon release The Truth Machine: The Blockchain and the Future of Everything​ (co-author), a book offering the a ​definitive assessment of blockchain, updated for new market realities.

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