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2019 Behavioral Advisor Forum

The 1st Annual Behavioral Advisor Forum is the premier educational conference for elite advisors that wish to incorporate the latest research and best practices in the field of behavioral science. Helping clients make better financial decisions is both an art and science, and a way to add significant value as an investment or wealth advisor.

Sunday, September 22, 2019


Pre-Conference Workshop: Practical Strategies For Managing Investor Behavior — Bridging the Gap Between Inspiration and Implementation

Presented by Eben Burr and Phil Toews | 2:30-5 p.m.

There is an ever-increasing amount of information available about behavioral finance and abundant evidence of the average investor’s poor ability to navigate markets. Yet, the advisory community has produced limited guidance for advisors who wish to curb biases and improve investor decision making.
This course distills a wealth of information about investor behavior into practical tools and processes. The intended outcome is to train advisors to consider behavioral outcomes when building portfolios, create greater client understanding, deepen client relationships, and improve competitive differentiation.

Course Objectives:

  • Understand and learn to articulate significant behavioral challenges investors are likely to face during their investing lifetime.

  • Build investor behavioral considerations into portfolio construction.

  • Construct a pro-active plan for behavioral challenges to attempt to reduce uncertainty when challenges emerge.

  • Learn about the use of investor pre-commitments and specific courses of actions during times of uncertainty.

  • Learn methods for training investors to understand and move beyond their ingrained thought processes and biases.

  • Learn strategies for overcoming an investment professional’s own vulnerability to biases.

  • Include behavioral coaching in your firm’s identity.

How to register:

For those who have already registered for Behavioral Advisor Forum and wish to attend this workshop, please login to your dashboard and click on “My Conferences” on the left-hand side menu and click “Manage Registration”. From there, you may select the pre-conference workshop to add to your registration.
For those who have yet to register, simply add the workshop to your online registration at the time of purchase. Or fill out the pre-conference registration form and return it to conferences@i-w.org.

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