2019 Behavioral Advisor Forum

The 1st Annual Behavioral Advisor Forum is the premier educational conference for elite advisors that wish to incorporate the latest research and best practices in the field of behavioral science. Helping clients make better financial decisions is both an art and science, and a way to add significant value as an investment or wealth advisor.

Key Themes


State of the Financial Industry: The rise of technology is augmenting financial advisors’ set of tools, allowing them to focus on the custom and behavioral needs of their clients—something that can’t be commoditized away.

Neuroscience and Human Decision Making: Research is discovering more about how humans make decisions, and how to influence them into making better decisions.  Put research into practice through the use of choice architecture, incentives, and removing friction from decisions.

Behavioral Economics: Building a behaviorally adjusted portfolio is about creating a plan your client can live with. Behavioral biases can be corrected, moderated, or accommodated by following a thoughtful framework.

Client Communication: Advisors can add significant value by addressing clients’ behavioral needs, and that value must be communicated effectively to ensure a successful relationship. Clients include institutions and investment committees, HNW & UHNW clients, affluent clients, and families.

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