Retirement Management Forum

Clients of all ages are looking for expertise in retirement planning, especially when it comes to holistic, multidisciplinary planning for an entire household. As clients shift from an accumulation of assets to decumulation, their needs and mindset changes significantly. If you are looking for a better way to support your retirement clients, join our day-and-a-half conference to discover practical tools and techniques.

  • Monday
    December 09, 2019
  • Tuesday
    December 10, 2019

Monday, December 09

Session Speakers
7 a.m.–6 p.m

Registration/Information Desk Open

    7–8 a.m.

    Breakfast with Sponsors and Exhibitors

      8–9:15 a.m.

      General Session #1: An Optimistic Look at the U.S. Economy

      With dual perspectives from the highest levels of government and business, Carlos Gutierrez looks at our current economic situation and why organizations should be optimistic about doing business in America. From China's inadequate operating environment and its slowing growth to how the shale energy revolution will spur jobs and shift the balance of power in terms of world exports, he discusses what businesses can expect in the next five to 10 years. He also looks at the policies and reforms we need to enact in order to secure the strength of our economy, including immigration, banking, regulations, and trade. Mr. Gutierrez will suggest actions for business leaders and how to capitalize on opportunities.

      9:15–9:30 a.m.

      Break with Sponsors and Exhibitors

        9:30–10:30 a.m.

        General Session #2: Redefining Retirement—What’s Your Encore?

        Until now, nearly all retirement planning has been fiscal. Once your finances are in order, the question still remains: What will you do with your time in retirement? It’s a much bigger challenge than expected and very few sources address the problem. Shortly after the euphoria of “Yahoo! I don’t have to go to work today!” wears off, new retirees often feel an overall sense of loss…loss of social interaction from fellow employees, lack of purpose and disconnected from society. How do you redefine retirement so it provides a continued life of fulfillment and purpose? How do you live a balanced life in retirement when you discover that golf and grandkids aren’t enough? How do you determine the difference between pleasures and fulfillment? Institute conference attendees are continually faced with the complexities of their clients’ issues on finances. More and more you are expected to be a counselor and offer non-financial advice. At this session take away a better understanding of the issues facing your clients.

        10:30–10:45 a.m.

        Break with Sponsors and Exhibitors

          10:45–11:45 a.m.

          Workshop #1: An Aging World: Challenges and Opportunities for Financial Advisors

          Life expectancy is increasing and with it the growing role and financial impact of women as caretakers. While women continue to become greater contributors to our nation’s wealth and intellectual capital, it is a complicating factor that 66 percent of women are also the primary caregivers for their aging family members, often taking the off ramp from their careers to embrace a full-time caregiver role. In this fast-paced session, examine the findings of recent studies on health in retirement, women and finances, and caregiving to gain insight into trends associated with an aging population and discuss ways to convert takeaways into fruitful, results–driven financial planning conversations.

          • Cynthia Hutchins
            Bank of America Merrill Lynch, Director of Financial Gerontology

          Workshop #2: Working in Retirement

          Retirement has become an increasingly complex topic. This is in large part because we are living longer than we have in all of human history. University of Toronto Professor Michelle Silver invites you to rethink your perceptions about aging and retirement in this session. She discusses retirement from its early policy roots to the social phenomena it has become. She focuses on implications for people whose personal identity has always been closely intertwined with their work. Her talk makes the point that aging is different today than the not so distant past and explores how to make the most of retirement. Drawing from recent research, she presents four key strategies for retirement, weaving in examples from CEOs, elite athletes, physicians, and academics she has interviewed.

          11:45 a.m.–12:30 p.m.


            12:30–1:45 p.m.

            Workshop #3: Social Security: Addressing Critical Issues for Clients

            Social Security plays an integral role for those already in or preparing for retirement. Can you answer all of your clients’ questions about this important benefit program? Discover the essential elements, rules and regulations, eligibility requirements, available benefits, taxation issues, employee and spousal requirements (current and ex-spouses), and more with one of the nation’s leading subject matter experts on retirement.

            Workshop #4: HSA’s Retirement Planning/Medicare/Roth Conversions

            2–3:15 p.m.

            Workshop #5: How to Use Asset-Liability Matching to Build a Safe Runway into Retirement

            How do you make sure clients’ portfolios can deliver reliable paychecks as they transition into retirement? Find out why asset-liability matching has been used by pension plans for years. Learn how they match investments to the point when they need to be consumed and find out why clients love this approach when it is applied to their portfolios.

            Workshop #6: Not Dead Yet

            3:15–3:30 p.m.

            Break with Sponsors and Exhibitors

              3:30–4:30 p.m.

              Workshop #7: RMA Curriculum Workshop: Presenting & Monitoring the Plan

              Effectively managing and communicating your clients’ retirement plans is as important as the plan itself. The Procedural Prudence Map™, developed from the RMA® curriculum, provides an actionable roadmap for advisors to boost clients’ confidence in pursuit of their retirement goals. This session is one advisor’s approach, with opportunities to share and discuss best practices.

              Workshop #8: Rewiring the Way You Think About Retirement

              4:45–5:45 p.m.

              General Session #3: Rethinking Longevity & Retirement

              It’s more than just the money that determines a successful retirement and this presentation provides unique insight and information to ensure an effective action plan. The LifeSpan, HealthSpan, and WealthSpan aspects of Longevity Planning is creating a shift in thinking about retirement as a completely redefined phase of life—which is also requiring and inspiring the industry to rethink longevity and how to best help people plan their lives!

              5:45–7 p.m.

              Reception with Sponsors and Exhibitors

                Tuesday, December 10

                Session Speakers
                7 a.m.–12:30 p.m.

                Registration/Information Desk Open

                  7–8 a.m.

                  Breakfast with Sponsors and Exhibitors

                    8–9 a.m.

                    General Session #4: Keeping the Aging Brain Healthy, Boosting Memory & Lowering Risk for Dementia

                    The statistics are staggering … 47 million people have dementia worldwide and that number is expected to skyrocket to 115 million people by 2050. Recent studies estimate that about a third of dementia is preventable if actionable steps are taken. But what kind of actions? There is so much more to keeping your brain in tip-top-shape and lowering your risk for dementia than crossword puzzles, brain games and Sudoku. Breakthrough research is uncovering surprising, key actionable steps to boost your brain and keep it working better, longer. Hear the scoop on scientifically valid, actionable tips to optimize your brain health and what is just myth, hype and marketing.

                    9–9:15 a.m.

                    Break with Sponsors and Exhibitors

                      9:15–10:15 a.m.

                      Workshop #9: RMA Curriculum Workshop—Risk Management

                      Mitigating risks in retirement is a key component of adding value for your clients. This session will examine the risk management approaches developed from the RMA certification curriculum that offer best practices for creating and communicating solutions to your retirement clients. This session is sure to be an eye-opener.

                      • Devin Ekberg
                        Investments & Wealth Institute, Chief Learning Officer, Managing Director of Content Development

                      Workshop #10: Addressing Longevity Risk

                      10:15–10:30 a.m.

                      Break with Sponsors and Exhibitors

                        10:30–11:30 a.m.

                        Workshop #11: RMA Curriculum Workshop—Household Balance Sheet

                        The Household Balance Sheet™ is a methodology developed from the RMA curriculum that produces a unique record of clients’ household assets and liabilities, including hard-to-quantify elements such as human and social capital. Join this workshop to discover how this methodology could provide the perspective you need to solve your clients’ unique needs.

                        Workshop #12: Trends in Target Date Fund Asset Allocation

                        Are 2020 Funds About to Repeat What Happened to 2010 Funds in 2008? Because of the zero interest rate policy of the Fed since 2008, many target date funds have chased yield to offset low returns on fixed income and equity exposure in 2020 target date funds is now higher than was the case with comparable 2010 funds in 2008.  We will explore glide path equity risk exposure and examine a few approaches to mitigating downside risk at the target retirement date.

                        11:30 a.m.–12:30 p.m.

                        General Session #5: The Story of a Whistleblower and Lessons to Be Learned

                        Richard Bowen incorporates the harrowing story behind Citi and what led to his whistleblowing. With lessons taken from his 35 years of businesses experience, he will give insights into how to both prevent fraud, detect fraud and build an ethical corporate culture. He specifically talks about how to identify breakdowns in internal controls and the varied warning signs which both management and third-party auditors should recognize as indicators of possible unethical behavior.

                        2–5 p.m.

                        RMA Exam

                        For RMA candidates that have completed Level 1 and necessary requirements