RMA Education Capstone

The RMA Education Capstone is one step in the RMA certification process. The Pathway to Certification includes all three Levels of the RMA Program and offers members a savings of $845 over buying the same components separately. You can register just for the Capstone here or see the information below to link to the Pathway to Certification.

Herman Brodie, Founder

Prospecta Limited

Herman Brodie, founder, Prospecta Limited, has spent over a decade in investment banking roles in London, Paris and in Frankfurt. In 2000 he co-founded his first company, Cognitrend, a consultancy to advise financial institutions on the utilisation of behavioural finance research. He has pursued this goal since 2013 as Managing Director of Prospecta Limited. Brodie is a co-author and lecturer of 'A Practical History of Financial Markets', a course aimed at investment professionals, developed for the Edinburgh Business School's MBA programme, and has penned numerous articles on behavioural finance.