2020 Retirement Management Forum

The industry’s premier educational conference for retirement management. Gather with 300+ advisors at this 2-day conference to learn holistic retirement planning strategies from leading fi nancial, wellness and healthcare experts.

Key Themes

Retirement Risks: The rise of technology is augmenting financial advisors’ set of tools, allowing them to focus on the custom andRetirement clients face numerous unique risks, all with varying degrees of consequences, predictability, and methods to address them. The RMA® curriculum provides a practical, comprehensive framework to make decisions based on the clients’ exposure and preferences.

Technical Skills: Some retirement strategies require the advisor to have in-depth knowledge and technical skills to perform correctly. Decisions like how to manage social security, healthcare, and insurance needs all require mastery of rules and processes when comparing different options.

Behavioral Science: Advisors can add significant value by addressing the human side of retirement planning. Clients often need support with life decisions that accompany the wealth planning cycle.

Retirement Research: Cutting-edge research is ongoing in the field of retirement management. Stay up to speed with academic thinking as research continues to address the many challenges around aging demographics, policy decisions, and the state of retirement preparedness.

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