2020 Retirement Management Forum

The industry’s premier educational conference for retirement management. Gather with 300+ advisors at this 2-day conference to learn holistic retirement planning strategies from leading fi nancial, wellness and healthcare experts.

Important RMA candidate information:

If you’re an RMA Candidate: The Retirement Management Forum, along with some supplemental pre-conference videos and the proctored exam held the afternoon of December 8, will serve as your Capstone for the RMA designation.* If you are currently registered for the RMA Pathway to Certification, we will reach out to you by email with the VIP link to register.

If you would like to become an RMA and have not yet registered for the RMA, register for the Pathway to Certification here, and you will also be contacted by email with the VIP link to register for the conference.

To take the RMA exam on-site at RMF 2020, you must complete the RMA Level 1 program with scores of 70 percent or higher, pass the experience and ethics check prior to the conference and plan to attend the entire conference including the post-conference exam. Please contact mcorbin@i-w.org with any questions.
* You are not required to be an RMA Candidate to attend the Retirement Management Forum.

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