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Value of CPWA

What is CPWA® Certification?

Certified Private Wealth Advisor® (CPWA®) is an advanced education and certification program for financial planners and financial advisors who work with high-net-worth clients on the life-cycle of wealth: accumulation, preservation, and distribution. Candidates who earn the certification learn to identify and analyze challenges high-net-worth individuals face, and understand how to develop specific strategies to minimize taxes, monetize and protect assets, maximize growth, and transfer wealth.

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Adding Value to HNW Clients: An Overview of the CPWA Certification



What are the benefits of CPWA Certification?


  • Deliver specialized expertise and skills. The explosion in global wealth in recent years means that not only are there more high-net-worth clients but also that the needs of these clients are increasingly sophisticated. 76% of clients say that if they were looking for a new advisor today, the specialized designations they held would be an important or very important factor in their decision.
  • Acquire and retain HNW Clients. Competition for wealthy clients is fierce, and clients are very selective in choosing advisors. CPWA certification gives you the edge you need to stand out. 64% of CPWA-certified advisors state that the certification has been very or extremely important to them in "expanding client services" and "confidence with offering advice to HNW clients."
  • Grow firm revenues. 30% of practices with at least one CPWA practitioner realized revenue growth of more than 10% over a five year period compared to only 18% of non-CPWA practices. The mean assets per client of CPWA advisors ($7.3M) is 3.9 times higher than non-CPWA practices ($1.9M).
  • Earn an elite education that is highly practical. The CPWA curriculum is taught through an intensive education program with eminent academic and practitioner faculty.
Source: Aite Value of CPWA Research, 2017; Absolute Engagement, HNW Investor Insights Study, 2017

Read the research: 

2020-CIMA-CPWA-Cover.pngValue Of CIMA® and CPWA® Certifications — The financial advisory profession has grown dramatically in the last several decades. Today’s investors have more choices than ever before, not only in how they invest but also in advisor services. Today, advisors must differentiate themselves, provide meaningful support to clients and remain relevant by undertaking ongoing academic training and earning advanced credentials. This 2020 research study finds that the Certified Investment Management Analyst® (CIMA® ) and Certified Private Wealth Advisor® (CPWA® ) provide high value for advisors. 

CPWA-Aite.pngBuilding High-Net-Worth Knowledge Through the CPWA Certification Examines how Certified Private Wealth Advisor® (CPWA®) certification correlates with superior levels of advisor knowledge and success. Fielded by the Aite Group, 2017, the study gathered input from 436 advisors, including 77 with a CPWA certification.


Who should pursue CPWA Certification?

Ideal candidates for CPWA certification include: wealth managers and specialists, financial planners and advisors, investment consultants and advisors, retirement specialists, family-office professionals, trust professionals, tax and estate professionals.

“The ROI on earning your certification comes down to having the confidence and ability you need to walk the walk, and talk the talk with your clients. The letters don’t do that, the knowledge you earned obtaining those letters do. The higher level designations drive results and leads to higher income levels associated with them because you are earning the knowledge, & expertise needed to drive those conversations.”

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