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Client Brochures

Client-facing brochures (*FINRA reviewed) are available for your review and ordering. Please review all brochures with your Compliance Department.

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In a recent Investments & Wealth Client Research study by AbsoluteEngagement.com, 76 percent of high-net-worth investors stated that designations are somewhat or very important if they were looking for a new advisor today.

As a Certified Investment Management Analyst® (CIMA® ), Certified Private Wealth Advisor® (CPWA® ), or Retirement Managment Advisor® (RMA®) practitioner, the following brochures can help you communicate the value of your certification(s) and answer questions clients may have about your advanced certification(s). 

Please review the following brochures with your Compliance Department before sharing with clients.

Client Brochures

The client-facing brochures provided by the Institute showcase the expertise certificants provide by explaining for their clients the unique requirements, competencies, and continuing education, as well as ethics requirements of each designation. A professional certification chart visually demonstrates key attributes and differentiates Institute certifications from financial service designations.

The CIMA and CPWA client brochures have been reviewed by FINRA. According to FINRA guidelines, space must be made available for personalization. Space is provided on the back panel for your organization to customize the brochure with your information. Please note that customization is not provided by the Institute. You may have them imprinted, stamped or stickered at your office.

CIMA Client Brochure  

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CPWA Client Brochure
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RMA Client Brochure
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