3 CE

The Art & Science of Institutional Consulting Workshop

9:30 am - 12:00 pm, Tuesday, Apr 09, 2024

Explore the current and future state of institutional consulting and the intricacies of managing investments for diverse institutional clients such as endowments, foundations, Taft Hartley Plans, Municipal Funds, Insurance and professional association funds, and retirement plans. Examine the portfolio allocation strategies of these entities and the evolving role of alternative investments within diversified portfolios. Acquire practical insights through real-world scenarios to optimize returns while emphasizing long-term sustainability. 

Learning Objectives

  • Understand the diverse investment management needs of institutional clients 

  • Explore the current and future state of institutional consulting 

  • Examine how institutional investors and endowments are allocating their portfolios and gain portfolio allocation strategies to optimize returns for these clients 

John Nersesian

Head of Advisor Education, U.S. Global Wealth Management, PIMCO

Noel Pacarro-Brown

Financial Advisor, Senior Vice President, Investing with Impact Director, Family Wealth Advisor, Senior Investment Management Consultant, Morgan Stanley

Jeff Rodriguez

President, 360One

Kevin Sanchez

Senior Vice President - Investments, Morgan Stanley