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Investor Resources

Investment and wealth management resources for investors.

The Investments & Wealth Institute has compiled a number of helpful resourses for you to learn more about our organization, our certifications, and how working with one of our advisor members can help you achieve your financial goals. We will be expanding resources in this area, so if you would like to be kept abreast of new information and developments, please complete this form to be added to our list.



Hear from our members and certificants about important topics like choosing an advisor that is right for you, things to consider when "doing good" with your wealth, and building your legacy.


The Institute publishes a variety of content on investments and wealth management.  This link provides access to a list of articles from our flagship publication, Investments & Wealth Monitor. This publication is written for advisors, but ocassionally has articles that may be of interest to investors.


Want to test your investment IQ?  Here are a few quizzes to test your knowledge.

Industry Resources

There are many industry resources available to investors, including the following:

Want Help Finding an Exceptional Advisor?

As an investor, what should you look for when choosing an advisor that fits your needs?

Use InvestorHelp.org to find the right advisor today.

Additional information surrounding public disciplinary actions reported on any individual(s) listed on this page may be requested in writing by clicking here. To verify an individual’s current certification status or check a currently certified individual’s  public history of discipline by the Institute, search our CIMA/CIMCCPWA, or RMA directories. 

Other Resources:

Elder financial abuse is a terrible reality, but one that advisors and loved ones can help thwart. By knowing the warning signs and the resources available you can assist in making elder abuse less of a reality. Here are some helpful resources to fight elder abuse:

To find help or report abuse visit: https://www.justice.gov/elderjustice/financial-exploitation