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Prospective CE Sponsors

Become a Continuing Education (CE) Sponsor to offer educational programs pre-accepted for CE credit.


Benefits of CE Sponsor Status

  • Attract additional attendees by promoting your program’s pre-acceptance for CE credit on your website and in your program description

  • Gain additional exposure on the Institute website


The annual fee is US$300, which includes:

  • Unlimited review of programs less than or equal to 5 hours

  • Your organization name listed and website linked from the Institute’s website

  • Use of the CIMA and CPWA certifications in your marketing materials, in the form and manner directed by the Institute

CE Sponsor status is renewed on a calendar-year schedule with renewal invoices first distributed in October. To accommodate the calendar-year schedule, new CE Sponsors pay a prorated annual fee upon joining:

Join Month

Join Invoice (USD)

Renewal Date



Dec. 31 of current year



Dec. 31 of current year



Dec. 31 of current year



Dec. 31 of current year



Dec. 31 of current year



Dec. 31 of current year



Dec. 31 of current year



Dec. 31 of current year



Dec. 31 of current year



Dec. 31 of next year



Dec. 31 of next year



Dec. 31 of next year

Additional Fees

US$20 per-credit-hour review fee for educational programs greater than 5 hours. 

Fees are nonrefundable and are subject to change without notice. Review fees are assessed for the number of credit hours to be reviewed, regardless of the decision to accept or deny.

Get Started

Download the CE Sponsor Application, and email completed applications to Linda Kuhrt, CE Provider Specialist, at ceproviders@i-w.org. Please allow up to three business days for processing.