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Gateway to Leadership Foundation

A diversity initiative of the Money Management Institute

The Institute supports the mission of the Gateway to Leadership Foundation and its efforts to enhance diversity in our profession and attract better-prepared future professionals to careers in financial services. Sponsored by the Money Management Institute (MMI), the Gateway to Leadership Foundation Board of Directors includes several investment industry execuitives, including Investments & Wealth Institute Chief Executive Officer, Sean R. Walters, CAE.

The mission of the Gateway to Leadership Foundation, a 501c (3) non-profit organization, is to foster awareness of career opportunities in financial services for aspiring students, particularly minority students, providing them with workforce readiness training, and offering internships and entry-level employment opportunities. In return, Gateway to Leadership provides participating firms with access to an extraordinary talent pool of well-qualified, diverse candidates who are motivated and prepared for a career in financial services when they graduate.

Originally launched in 2007, Gateway to Leadership has recently expanded the breadth of its program offerings to increase their reach and impact, benefiting minority students as well as financial services firms committed to changing their diversity profile:

  • First, Gateway to Leadership provides on-campus programs to build awareness among minority freshman and sophomore university students of the wide variety of career paths available in financial services.
  • Next, deserving students receive online education about our industry, professional development training, and access to internships with leading firms.
  • Post-graduation, Gateway to Leadership connects these qualified candidates with firms for entry-level hire.
In supporting the Gateway to Leadership Foundation, the Institute has found a way to give back in a meaningful way to our thriving industry. By making a personal donation, you can open the door to a career in financial services for a deserving minority student who might not othewise have the necessary access. 

A tax-deductible donation of $250 to the Ryan Widger Career Awareness Fund* of the Gateway to Leadership Foundation will help introduce one minority student to the career opportunities in our industry. Will you “pay it forward” and make a contribution? Donate now to not only change students' lives, but to better our profession at the same time.

* The Ryan Widger Career Awareness Fund was created inside the Gateway to Leadership Foundation in October 2017 with a generous gift by Gateway’s Board Chair John Coyne, Vice Chairman, Brinker Capital. The Fund is now building with additional donations by individuals; the Fund amounts will be dedicated to Gateway’s Career Awareness Programs focused on delivering campus presentations to educate minority students about professional roles and paths to employment opportunities.