MWC Group

MWC Group is a global private markets investment firm providing diversified art-investment solutions and research to financial intermediaries, family offices, endowments, and foundations. Founded by Masterworks, the leading art-investment platform for self-directed investors, the Group aims to become the conduit for advisors and institutional investors to access the art market. In 2021, it launched Masterworks Collection 002, LLC, a diversified investment product in a portfolio of artworks by artists that have an established track record of public auction sales and historical price appreciation. Description of whitepaper is: A Little Art May Go A Long Way Among geopolitical tensions, decades-high inflation, a new rate hike cycle, and the potential for a recession to rear its ugly head, it may be as good a time as any to rethink portfolios allocated only to equities, fixed income, and/or traditional alternative investments. Specifically, we find that several different hypothetical portfolios - from a 60/40 to an endowment-like approach - have improved frequently, by adding an allocation to art. As it turns out, a little art may go a long way.