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War for Talent can be Won with Professional Development Benefits

Issue date: Wednesday, January 15, 2020

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War for Talent can be Won with Professional Development Benefits


Investments & Wealth Institute’s professional development opportunities can help organizations attract and retain top talent.

DENVER (January 15, 2020The war for talent seems like it is never-ending. Attracting and retaining talented professionals is more challenging and complex than ever. Pushed by large changes in technology and demographics, organizations are now doing more than ever to attract new employees. However, its important to remember the war for talent isn't just about attracting new employees but also about keeping existing ones.
Gallup’s State of the American Workforce report states that that only 33% of U.S. employees are engaged at work and 51% say they're actively looking for a new job or are open to one.
Employees are willing to continue the job-hunt until they find a company that’s mission and work culture reflect and reinforce their personal values. The workforce of today knows what’s important to them and does not settle. The data is clear: companies are in a full-fledged war for talent and employees have the leverage. To mitigate the impact of talent loss, companies need to establish a strong employee experience that makes their employees stay.

The Investments & Wealth Institute can provide organizations the edge that will help then not only attract new talent but keep existing talent. Through partnering with the Institute, organizations can provide employees opportunities to expand their knowledge, capabilities and stay ahead of the curve.
Professional development benefits can not only help improve retention and recruiting but also boost productivity and add value for clients.
The Institute offers a variety of professional development opportunities:
  • Assessment-based certificate programs
  • Conference and webinar attendance discounts
  • Advanced Certifications in Investment Management, Private Wealth and Retirement Management
Learn what opportunities you can provide to your advisors. Explore private classes and designations by visiting investmentsandwealth.org/professional-development or reach out to our Sales team at sales@i-w.org or 303-770-3377.

For Information:
For additional information, contact Devon Coquillard, communications manager, dcoquillard@i-w.org or (303) 850-3202.
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