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Advisor vs Adviser – Google Ranks One Higher

Posted on 04/30/2018
Time is a very precious asset. Financial advisors must divide their time between client service, firm operations, and new client aquisition. Polling advisors and listening to advisors about their new client acquisition strategies yielded interesting insights. Those advisors who wanted to attract more clients, and did so with effectiveness, found the correct blend between traditional and modern marketing strategies. Every advisor’s practice has something unique along with the geographic focus of their practice.

What started as an internal conversation led to external informal polling of advisors on marketing strategies. This information expanded into a small research project. We spent time analyzing how Google ranked keywords, long tail phrases, and geographic limitations. Our findings surprised us. They may surprise you as well.  We provide some beginning ideas on how to increase your digital search footprint and get you up to speed on the trends and tools to get it done. Click here to read more.