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Press Policy

Press Credentialing

Press registration to Institute events is extended to:

  • Journalists on assignment, including photo journalists, videographers, producers, web-based media, writers of the financial trade press and news staff from bona fide news media outlets whose duty is to provide investments and wealth (financial) news to the trade or public.  Bona fide news outlets are defined as news outlets whose principal business is the dissemination of original news and opinion of interest to the trade or public, a radio or television station with regularly scheduled news programming, or a freestanding digital outlet that does not accept sponsorship of paid content.
  • Freelancers on assignment from a recognized media outlet.
Reporters and writers must provide proof of credentials to receive a complimentary press badge to attend Institute events.  Journalists may be asked to provide media identification, including an international accredited press pass or a credential provided by a recognized media outlet.  Bloggers may be asked to provide links to their blogs and readership information, if requested.
Press credentialing is not extended to:
  • Non-news editorial staff of news outlets (including advertising, marketing, or administrative personnel)
  • Financial or industry analysts
  • Spouses or partners of media attendees
  • Public relations staff representing a for-profit company or companies
  • Organizations that primarily produce audio/video for profit 
  • Advertising, marketing, or public relations representatives
  • Organizations whose main purpose is to promote a product or service or sell their services for profit
  • Exhibitors

Press should pre-register at least one week prior to Institute events.
The Institute has the right to deny press credential requests without reason and at any time.  It also has the right to revoke credentials granted at any time for any reason.
Media must re-credential each year for each individual Institute event.
Press credentialing requests should be sent to ggloven@i-w.org.

Filming, Videotaping, and Photography Policy

All media involved in filming, videotaping, or photographing at any Institute event must:

  • Receive press credential authorization from the Institute
  • Wear any badge granted to them at all times during Institute events, including all receptions, meals, and at any pre-conference related activities
  • Be accompanied by an Institute representative and that representative may ask media to stop filming upon request of any Institute member.
The Institute reserves the right to direct media to filming, videotaping, or photographing in assigned areas as needed per event.

Embargo Policy

Media are asked to adhere to news embargos established by the Institute.  Media who violate the embargo policy of the Institute will have their credentials immediately revoked and will not be granted press credentials for future events.

Media Room Policy

Only Institute-credentialed media will be able to use any media room or rooms established by the Institute. 


Any information presented at Institute events is the responsibility of the presenters and does not represent the views, policies or position of the Investments & Wealth Institute.