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"Greatness is not a function of circumstance. Greatness, it turns out, is largely a matter of conscious choice and discipline."

- Jim Collins

professional Devleopment

Great leaders are great learners

Professional development is a pivotal part of your own career development. It helps individuals like you continue to be competent in your profession, accelerate and thrive within in it too. It’s an ongoing process that continues throughout an individual's career, helps build credibility, confidence and reenergizes your focus so you can excel at every stage of your career.

Stay plugged-in to further your business and leadership knowledge

We offer you a variety of resources to assist you reach your career aspirations and be successful once you get there. So, take control of your leadership development at the Institute!


Raymond James Starts Coaching Program to Boost Work with Wealthier Clients

By Alex PadalkaNovember 13, 2020

“Industry studies reinforce clients’ growing need for services beyond just investment management, particularly among more affluent and high-net-worth clients, and the desire to work with one trusted advisor on all aspects of their wealth. This provides an opportunity for advisors to really enhance their offering and value proposition,” Liz Stiles, director of practice management coaching at Raymond James, says in a statement.

Some tips to help you reach your optimal career performance


  1. Don’t be afraid to self-reflect: One difference between great leaders and mediocre leaders is a willingness to self-reflect. Identify your gaps and areas of development, create an honest outline of where you can use some help and layout a roadmap to help close those gaps.  

  2. Stay connected: Stay engaged and at the forefront of change. Stay abreast to the latest research, blogs and publications making headlines in the industry.

  3. Tap into the latest thought leaders: Listen to what other influencers in the market have to say. Take advantage of today’s latest webinars and podcasts They allow you to lean into the latest topics in real-time and allow you to keep a running pulse on shifting ideas and strategies from leading practitioners in the field.

  4. Cultivate key peer relationships and networks: Develop relationships with as many people in your industry as possible. This is important for keeping up with developments and gaining new perspectives and ideas. Conferences, knowledge centers, social media groups and association task forces are great ways to meet other like-minded people and industry peers. These connections often open doors and are vital building blocks to job opportunities, mentors and go-to resources. 

  5. Attend training events & programs: These allow you to expand your knowledge base, find solutions to problems and gain new tools and skills which you cannot be taught in-house. The focused nature, allows you to dig deeper around topics of interest too. Conferences, webinars, and the THRIVE Center offer many avenues to obtain the knowledge you need to be successful.

  6. Set the standard: Don’t be afraid to push yourself out of your comfort level and go for the gold-standard by earning a certification. Earning and advanced designation gives you a voice in the boardroom and allows you to play in the big leagues. 

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