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About Legislative Intelligence

Legislative Intelligence provides useful updates and information on legislation and regulations that affect members and their clients. This monthly e-newsletter helps members keep a pulse on the happenings in Washington and elsewhere. If you are a member and are not receiving Legislative Intelligence, contact Elissa Motley at emotley@i-w.org.

Note: The purpose of this update, prepared by Potomac Strategies for Investments & Wealth Institute, is to give members legislative and public affairs intelligence and analysis. It is strictly informational and should not be relied upon as legal, compliance, or investment advice. Investments & Wealth Institute, as an education and credentialing organization, does not lobby Congress or regulators, and does not advocate for any particular legislative or regulatory position either on its own or through its relationship with Potomac Strategies.

Legislative Intelligence Complimentary Access

Legislative Intelligence is a benefit of Institute membership. Complimentary access is available for the following issues:

June 2018 | Legislative Intelligence Update | Tale of a Failed $15 Billion MEP

Members may access Legislative Intelligence Archives here.

Legislative Intelligence Member Access

Members may access Legislative Intelligence Archives here or through the Member Dashboard.