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Masters of Finance

About Masters of Finance 

The Journal of Investment Consulting  editorial board has been conducting interviews with Masters in the areas of finance and economics since 2004. These interviews have included eight Nobel laureates (Fama, Kahneman, Markowitz, Merton, Scholes, Sharpe, Shiller, and Thaler) and nine additionally extraordinary investment visionaries (Bernstein, Bogle, LeBaron, Ilmanen, Leibowitz, Litterman, Malkiel, Marks, and Thorp).

Fifteen of these interviews have been compiled into a book. Purchase your copy of Masters of Finance.
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"This is an amazing compilation of insights from some of the brightest minds in finance. Readers will not only find this information to be fascinating, but will also find ways to incorporate this in their portfolio decisions to achieve better outcomes.”
—John Nersesian, CIMA®, CPWA®, CIS, CFP®, Managing Director, Wealth Management Services, Nuveen

Read all the Master Series interviews to glean insight into how these Masters of Finance learned:
  • Understanding risk is paramount
  • The desire to learn is a constant and vital to any successful endeavor
  • Flexibility in thinking and openness in considering other worldviews expand the solution set
  • Taking the path less followed early in your career leads to breakthroughs later on
  • Survival in a competitive world requires overcoming disappointment and moving on
  • Collaboration is vital to innovative solutions
  • Luck happens, go with it
  • Put clients first—no matter what
  • Recognizing that you do not have all the answers is the first step toward a solution
  • Innovation is disruptive; be prepared for opposition
  • Education is of the utmost importance