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RMA Core Topics

The RMA certification process focuses on the following knowledge areas: practice management, the RMA toolbox, retirement allocations, and the client diagnostic kit.

Key Knowledge Areas the RMA Program Addresses

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Client Diagnostic Kit

  1. Client Planning Process—Client planning process, retirement phases, advisors' styles, “gamma," measures of fundedness
  2. The Household Balance Sheet—Household balance sheet, financial, social and human capital, start of life-cycle plan
  3. Household Cash Flows—Fixed and discretionary expenses, tax-bracket planning, retirement milestones, Medicare and Long-term care, Social Security, pensions, complete life-cycle plan

Retirement Allocation

  1. Assessing Retirement Risks—Retiree risk profiles, risk management techniques, floor allocation, probability-based and safety-first strategies

RMA Toolbox

  1. Risk Management Allocations—Retirement allocations, withdrawal strategies, time segmentation, retirement policy statements
  2. Account Location/Product Selections—Product selection, account location, income annuities

Practice Management

  1. Presenting & Monitoring the PlanMethods for planning, transparent and trustworthy advisory practice, aligning client situation with planning methodology
  2. Professional GuidelinesInvestments & Wealth Institute’s Code of Professional Responsibility, marks usage, legal and regulatory compliance

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