Retirement Management Forum: Part 2

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Track: Retirement
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Clients of all ages are looking for expertise in retirement planning, especially when it comes to holistic, multidisciplinary planning for an entire household. An advisor can add more value by improving communication, trust, and investment outcomes. 

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Retirement Mangement Forum: Part 2

Clients of all ages are looking for expertise in retirement planning, especially when it comes to holistic, multidisciplinary planning for an entire household. As clients shift from an accumulation of assets to decumulation, their needs and mindset change significantly. An advisor can add more value by improving communication, trust, and investment outcomes. Whether you’re part of the Institute’s Retirement Management Advisor® (RMA®) program, or simply looking for a better way to support your retirement clients, these are the on-demand recordings for you. 

Included Sessions:

Presented by Joe Coughlin

Over the past two decades, Coughlin has been busting myths about older consumers with groundbreaking multidisciplinary research into what older people actually want–not what conventional wisdom suggests they need. In The Longevity Economy, Coughlin provides the framing and insight business leaders need to excite and delight the fastest-growing global market: a vast, diverse group of consumers representing every possible level of health and wealth, worth about $8 trillion in the United States alone and comprising the world's third largest economy after the United States and China.

Presented by Marc Milstein

The audience will leave with 3 science-based solutions to control stress and anxiety, use stress to your advantage to boost performance and leadership, why mindfulness is now mainstream brain science, and how it is being used to treat and improve mental and physical health. The audience will also walk away with understanding what type of stress the best thing for your health and which types of stress is to avoid. Join Marc Milstein if you want to tackle stress and use stress to your advantage.

Presented by Bob Mauterstock

What do you do when you discover that one of your clients has a diminished mental capacity? According to the Alzheimer’s Association, Alzheimer’s disease will strike more than 8 million Americans by 2030 (a rise of 60% from 2010). If you don’t know what steps to take to protect your client and your practice, both may be at risk. Bob has developed a protocol that you can follow to deal with this problem. Attend his workshop and learn the steps you can take to help your aging clients and preserve the business you have worked so hard to build.

Presented by Peter Conti-Brown

Anyone who has ever sat (bored) through a required business ethics or compliance seminar has been prompted to wonder: what is the point of this? The question does not challenge the importance of leading ethical lives in business, but does question our approach to teaching and discussing business ethics throughout our industries. In this session, Peter Conti-Brown—a scholar of financial regulation and teacher of business ethics at The Wharton School—leads participants in a process of deprogramming. Ethics is not and cannot become marketing, compliance, law, or even assertions of universal morality. Instead, ethics is about personal values and organizational culture—where those reinforce each other and, more importantly, where they conflict.

Featured Speakers

Joe Coughlin

Joseph F. Coughlin, PhD
Director of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology AgeLab

Joseph F. Coughlin, PhD is Director of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology AgeLab and leads the US Department of Transportation's New England University Transportation Center within the Center for Transportation & Logistics. His research examines how demography, combined with social trends and technology, will shape future innovations in business and government.

Coughlin is one of Fast Company Magazine’s ‘100 Most Creative People in Business. The Wall Street Journal named him one of America’s 12 pioneers inventing the future of retirement and aging. He was awarded the Gerontological Society of America’s Maxwell A. Pollack Award for Productive Aging for demonstrated excellence in translating research into practical application and policy improving the lives of older people and received an honorary doctorate of science from the State University of New York for making great strides in meeting the needs of an aging society through advances in public policy and technology. In 2005 President George W. Bush appointed him to the White House Conference on Aging Advisory Committee where he served on the group’s Market Innovations sub-committee. Coughlin is a Behavioral Sciences Fellow of the Gerontological Society of America and a Fellow of Switzerland's World Demographics & Ageing Forum.

His current research explores how global demographic transition and technology are converging to shape the future of transportation, the multigenerational workplace and real estate development. He teaches transportation policy and planning in the Department of Urban Studies and Planning and demography and business in the Sloan School of Management's Advanced Management Program. He writes on the future of aging, technology and retirement for the Wall Street Journal, MarketWatch, Slate and on his blog Disruptive Demographics. Coughlin can be followed on Twitter @josephcoughlin.

Marc Milstein

Marc Milstein, PhD
Scientist, Researcher, Professional Speaker

Dr. Milstein is a Scientist, Researcher, and Professional Speaker who makes cutting-edge Health and Wellness research approachable, and empowers his audience to apply these vital findings to their work and daily lives.

He earned both his Ph.D. in Biological Chemistry and his Bachelor of Science in Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Biology from UCLA. His Doctoral research uncovered the role of a protein called “R1N1”, that suppresses breast cancer. Interestingly R1N1 is also involved in memory, and Dr. Milstein is fascinated by how the brain and body work in concert. Dr. Milstein has conducted research on topics including genetics, cancer biology, neuroscience, and infectious disease and his work has been published in multiple scientific journals. Dr. Milstein received the prestigious California Breast Cancer Research Fellowship Award in recognition of his work.

Bob M

Bob Mauterstock, CFP®, ChFC, CLTC
Eldercare Expert

Bob Mauterstock is an accomplished speaker, author and sought-after authority on the financial concerns of baby boomers and their adult children. For over 35 years, Bob has helped families achieve a worry-free, comfortable retirement. He has inspired baby boomers and their adult children to give each other the gift of communication and preserve their legacy for future generations.

He set up his first registered investment advisory firm in 1982 (Financial Action Plans, Inc.) and began doing financial planning for clients. In 1987 he became a Certified Financial Planner specializing in retirement income planning, long term care planning, investment management & legacy planning and worked with hundreds of families throughout New England.

After selling his practice in 2009 and officially retiring as a financial planner, Bob began to focus his energy on coaching financial advisers to learn the skills to advise their clients on eldercare issues. He has been quoted in several publications and appeared on several radio programs. In addition, he has spoken to groups of financial advisors and their clients throughout the country.

Peter Conti-Brown

Peter Conti-Brown, PhD, JD
Assistant professor at The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania

Peter Conti-Brown is an assistant professor at The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania and Nonresident Fellow in Economics Studies at The Brookings Institution, where he is affiliated with the Hutchins Center for Fiscal and Monetary Policy and the Center on Regulation and Markets.

A financial historian and a legal scholar, Conti-Brown studies central banking, financial regulation, and public finance, with a particular focus on the history and policies of the US Federal Reserve System.

He is author of the book The Power and Independence of the Federal Reserve (Princeton University Press 2016), the editor of two other books, and author or co-author of many articles on central banking, financial regulation, and bank corporate governance in academic journals and in the popular press.

He received a law degree from Stanford Law School and a PhD in history from Princeton. He is currently at work on two books. The first is a history of bank supervision in the United States from the Civil War to Dodd-Frank (co-authored with Sean Vanatta, under contract with Harvard University Press), the second a comprehensive political and institutional history of the US Federal Reserve. Conti-Brown is married with four children.