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Scholarship Fund

Investments & Wealth Institute wants to help eligible individuals who are passionate about growing their career through advanced education. The Institute’s new Scholarship Fund will offset costs for qualified candidates for the Certified Investment Management Analyst® (CIMA®), Certified Private Wealth Advisor® (CPWA®) and Retirement Management Advisor® (RMA®) designations.

Institute certifications create profound differences through holistic and multidisciplinary approaches. Studies show 41% of Institute members manage $250 million+, compared to only 26% of other advisors (see Membership profile). Trend forward by joining more than 12,000 members and certificants in 37 counties worldwide.

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To be eligible for an Investments & Wealth Institute Certification Scholarship, applicants must be a member of a racial or ethnic minority group, lesbian/gay/bisexual/transgender, or a person with a disability who is currently employed as a mid- to senior-level  professional in the financial services industry. 

Female applicants are eligible for scholarships funded by the Women in Wealth scholarship fund, and applicants from Independent RIA firms are supported by scholarships from the Center for RIA Excellence.

All applicants must have at least three years’ experience in financial services and meet the qualifications of the certification program for which they are applying. Candidates must have demonstrated professional, volunteer, or civic/community leadership experience and be committed to fully engage in all scholarship benefits.

  1. Review the Institute certification program and scholarship deadlines.
  2. Choose your desired program: CIMA, CPWA, or RMA certification.
  3. Apply for a certification scholarship worth up to $1000!
  4. Receive a decision. 
  5. Apply for your desired certification program before the deadline.


  • Scholarships may aid in offsetting the cost of the certification program but will not offset the full cost of the program.
  • Application for a scholarship does not guarantee that a scholarship award will be granted or that the applicant will be accepted into a certification program.
  • For CIMA candidates registering for Chicago Booth, Wharton or Yale SOM CIMA programs—scholarship recipients must apply online to their school of choice first then will be reimbursed by Investments & Wealth Institute upon class registration.
  • Scholarship funds are not eligible to be used for private class offerings.
  • Scholarships will be awarded as funding allows, and all scholarship decisions made by Investments & Wealth Institute are final.
  • Donations to the Investments & Wealth Certification Scholarship Fund are not tax-deductible.