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Investments & Wealth Institute Investment Consulting Impact Award

This award was named for Matthew R. McArthur in honor of his selfless contributions to the organization. The Investment Consulting Impact Award honors individuals who have made an outstanding contribution and demonstrated commitment to the field of investment consulting, including contributions to industry-specific technology or to advances in the advisor skill set. The individual does not have to be a current or previously practicing investment consultant.

2024 Award Winner: Joseph F. Coughlin, Ph.D.

Past Recipients

The award first was presented in 2000.

Recipients include the following: Keith Ambachtsheer, Edward Baker, Peter Bernstein, Gilbert Beebower, Gary Brinson, Edwin Callan, John Casey, Michael Clowes, William Crerend, William Dreher, Richard Ennis, William Fouse, Rosalind Hewsenian, L. Randolph Hood, Jeffrey F. Jaffe, James Knupp, A. Craig MacKinlay, Harry Markowitz, Richard Marston, John O'Brien, Don Phillips, Leonard Reinhart, Barr Rosenberg, George Russell, William Sharpe, Jeremy Siegel, Meir Statman, Richard Thaler, and Margaret M. Towle.

Investments & Wealth Institute Wealth Management Impact Award

This award honors J. Richard Joyner, who was instrumental in the development of and instruction within the CPWA® certification program. The Wealth Management Impact Award honors individuals who have contributed exceptional advancements in the field of private wealth management, which is embodied by the Investments & Wealth Institute Certified Private Wealth Advisor® (CPWA®) program. The award recognizes key innovations and thought leadership in any of the CPWA knowledge domains: human dynamics, wealth management strategies, client specialization, and legacy planning.

2024 Award Winner: Scott D. Welch

Past Recipients

The award first was presented in 2015.

Recipients include the following: Charlotte B. Beyer, Garry W. Bridgeman, Jean L. P. Brunel, Anthony B. Davidow, James Dobbs, Harold R. Evensky, Michael E. Kitces, Tim Kochis, and John A. Nersesian.

Investments & Wealth Institute Writing Award

This award honors Stephen L. Kessler, the first volunteer editor of the Monitor. The Investments & Wealth Institute Writing Award is presented to the author(s) of the best original articles that are written by Investments & Wealth Institute members and published in Investments & Wealth Monitor. The selected articles should make a substantial contribution to the education of practitioners through expansion of the body of knowledge related to the investment and wealth management professions.

2024 Award Winner: Moe Allain

Past Recipients

Recipients include the following: Dana Anspach, Edward Baker, Thomas Boczar, Noel Pacarro Brown, Bruce Curwood, Anthony B. Davidow, Jim Flinchum, Jack Gardner, David Gordon, Nick Halen, Debbie Hall, Dylan Huang, Brian Hunter, David Loeper, Rex Macey, Matthew McArthur, John Nersesian, Robert Padgette, Bob Rice, Alex Shahidi, Bruce Stewart, Todd Taylor, Margaret M. Towle, Michael Underhill, Howard Weiss, Scott Welch, and W. Lloyd Williams.

Investments & Wealth Institute Writing Award Honorable Distinction

2024 Award Winners:

Marcia Mantell

Craig Adamson

Investments & Wealth Institute Journal Research Award

This award honors Edward D. Baker III, the first editor of the Journal of Investment Consulting. The Journal Research Award honors the author(s) of an original article that represents the best writing for the previous year germane to the investment consulting and/or private wealth management professions. Each article published in the Journal of Investment Consulting and Retirement Management Journal will be considered for this award. Each piece will be evaluated for its academic and analytical vision and originality of research.

2024 Award Winner: Massimiliano De Santis, Ph.D.

Investments & Wealth Institute Journal Research Award Honorable Distinction

2024 Award Winners:

David Blanchett

Jason Fichtner

Past Recipients

Recipients include the following: Timothy B. Barrett, Ross Barry, Brent Burns, Ana Cascon, Richard Fullmer, David Garff, Jennifer Gongola, Aron Gottesman, Paul Greenwood, C. Thomas Howard, Stephen J. Huxley, Ronald Kahn, Sean Klein, A. Craig MacKinlay, Rene Martel, Jianping Mei, Matthew Morey, Michael Moses, Arun Muralidhar, Sid Muralidhar, Carrie Pan, Jim Pasztor, James Perry, Donald Pierce, Andrew Rudd, James Sandidge, William Shadwick, Avi Sharon, Hersh Shefrin, Frank Sortino, Meir Statman, Ron Surz, and Cheng Yan.

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