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Advanced continuing education (CE) programs are a cornerstone of Investment & Wealth Institute certifications. Every two years, CIMA®, CPWA®, and RMA® certificate holders must complete and report 40 hours of CE credit, including credit 2 hours related to ethics and at least 1 credit related to tax and regulatory topics. 

These certificants are advanced financial advisors, investment analysts, and wealth management professionals. They are dedicated to the pursuit of specialized knowledge and practical skills that will deliver better client outcomes, advance their careers, and serve the financial services community.

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3 Steps to IWI CE Provider Status

To offer programs pre-accepted for CE credit toward all IWI financial advisor certification renewals (CIMA®, CPWA®, and RMA®), education providers must register as a CE Sponsor and submit proposed CE courses for review.

*CE Provider applications are reviewed/approved within 3 business days. Course applications are reviewed within 10 business days. Course applications offer a rush fee where applications will be reviewed in 2 business days



Create an IWI Account or Login

The first step to becoming a CE Provider is to have an IWI Account. If you already have an account, move on to step 2.

Create an Account

File a CE Provider Application

Once you're logged into your account, file a CE Provider Application and pay the CE Provider fee.

File a CE Provider Application

$250 Annual CE Provider Fee


Monitor Your Inbox for an Approval Confirmation

Once you're approved, you'll receive a confirmation email. Afterward, you're ready to start managing programs through your CE Provider dashboard.

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Submitting Courses

Once you're approved, you're ready to start taking advantage of your new CE Provider benefits. Courses will be reviewed in 10 days or less after submission.

Submit a Course

$20 / Credit Hour

Expedited Review - 5 business days or less

+$175 / Program

What Qualifies as Pre-Approved CE Education?

Plan your education programs to meet IWI criteria for CE credit qualification.

Program Development/Content

To be CE-approved, education programs must support certification renewal requirements.

Acceptable content is:

  • Developed and facilitated by qualified subject matter experts

  • Current, correct, and applicable to the core topics covered by CIMA®, CPWA®, and RMA® certifications

Content we won’t approve includes:

  • Prep classes specific to a license or certification, such as FINRA or NASAA licensing exams

  • Proprietary information

  • Product presentations

  • Normal business procedures (including due diligence meetings)

  • Client/public presentations or seminars

Program Format

Education delivered in real time may include:

  • Live classroom environment

  • In-person seminars

  • Teleconference calls

  • Live webinar formats

Online self-study programs may include:

  • Online self-paced modules

  • Recorded webinars

  • Publications

Program Credit Criteria

To qualify for CE credit, education programs must feature a minimum of 50 minutes of instruction (not including Q&A or exam/quiz).

  • 50 minutes of education = 1 credit hour

  • After the first credit hour, calculate CE credit in half-hour increments; round down to the nearest half hour.

  • When timed attendance isn’t possible (e.g., self-study), a scored quiz can serve as proof of completion.

Quizzes must:

  • Include a minimum of 5 questions per hour of education

  • Be scored by the education provider

  • Provide evidence of satisfactory completion (70% or higher) for acceptance

Program Records

CE providers must maintain a record of the educational program and attendees for 4 years following the date of delivery. Records must include:

  • Date, location, and format of the program

  • Names of presenters or discussion leaders

  • Outline of program presentations and materials

  • List of IWI certificants in attendance

  • Successful exam/quiz completion (if applicable)

Accepted Topics for IWI Pre-Approved CE Credits

The demands on financial advisors, wealth managers, and retirement and investment analysts are ever challenging and ever changing. That’s why we look for CE providers who offer topics that align with our advanced certification programs.

Note that these lists are not exhaustive. For more details, refer to the comprehensive certification exam topic lists for CIMA®, CPWA®, and RMA®.

Technical Investment Management

  • Global Capital Market History and Valuation

  • Applied Finance and Economics

  • Applied Statistics and Data Interpretation

  • Traditional and Alternative Investments

  • Portfolio Performance and Risk Measurements

  • Portfolio Theory

  • Individual and Institutional Investment Policies

  • Manager Selection

  • Investment Analysis and Recommendations

  • Investment Consulting Process (including client discovery, monitoring and portfolio review)

Governance and Regulations

  • Investments & Wealth Institute Code of Professional Responsibility

  • Ethics

  • Applicable Regulations; Compliance and Legal Implications

Wealth Management

  • Applied Behavioral Finance Family Dynamics

  • Tax Strategies and Planning Portfolio Management

  • Risk Management and Asset Protection

  • Business Entities and Closely Held Business Executive Compensation Plans

  • Retirement Planning

  • Charitable Giving

  • Estate Planning and Wealth Transfer


  • Building Your Business (if related to investment or wealth management)

  • Leadership Programs (if related to investment or wealth management)

Retirement Management

  • Client Diagnostics

  • Retirement Lifecycle

  • Retirement Management and Allocations

  • Retirement risks

  • Retirement income

  • Comprehensive retirement planning

  • Social Security and Medicare

  • Healthcare planning

  • Elder care/Elder Abuse/Dementia assistance

  • Retirement policy-making

  • Accumulation and decumulation strategies

  • Retirement product landscape

  • Withdrawal strategies

  • Tax-efficiency in retirement

  • Insurance strategies

Have specific questions or a topic you’d like us to consider?

Your provider dashboard provides a handy FAQ and instructions for:

  • Uploading CE credit

  • Managing transaction histories and receipts

  • Viewing, renewing, and managing your CE programs

  • And more