Mission, Purpose, Values, Objectives

Investment & Wealth Institute is committed to unifying our members, staff, leadership, educators, and advocates in elevating and advancing the financial advice profession.

Understand our why.

Filling a Unique Need in the Financial Advice Profession

In 1985, eight investment consultants formed a new non-profit, professional association to achieve the following purpose:

  • How to demonstrate the value of their services to the greater public

  • How to foster trust in the professionals who provide specialized investment, retirement, and wealth management solutions

Investments & Wealth Institute was created to address those core challenges.

To maintain our focus on this central need, we created our guiding principles—statements that serve as touchstones for all our work with members, the industry, and the public.


What we do.

To be the leading educational community of financial professionals, dedicated to elevating investment and wealth management to generate better client outcomes.


Why we pursue our mission.

Investments & Wealth Institute purposefully works to:

1. Improve professionalism of our members through educational and certification programs

2. Develop and encourage the practice of high standards of professional conduct

3. Promote and protect the interests of the profession and the public it serves

4. Broaden public understanding of investment consulting and wealth management

Core Values

Ideals that keep us true to our purpose.


Institute professionals provide trustworthy services through honesty in communications and actions; skillfulness and competence supported by continually advancing education and experience; and active outreach to other professionals who may serve clients whose needs are beyond their skills and knowledge.


Institute professionals ensure transparent, accurate, and reliable services by formulating analyses grounded in fact and in adherence to objective industry guidelines, standards, and professional judgement.

Ethical Conduct

Institute professionals foster accountability in themselves and in the industry.

Strategic Objectives

Our initiatives empower us to actively fulfill our mission and purpose.


Increase the number of certified professionals, thereby enhancing the competency and professionalism of advice delivered to the public.


Provide Institute professionals with the knowledge, insights, and tools they need to best serve their clients.

Add Value

Enable Institute professionals to distinguish their expertise by providing clients with positive outcomes in a competitive global marketplace.


Strengthen the Institute position as the industry’s leading provider of education and credentials that address contemporary investment and wealth management challenges.


Elevate the financial advice profession through the Institute’s commitment to high standards, ethics, and quality. Investments & Wealth Institute certifications represent international best practices for personnel certification.

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