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IWI’s Journal of Investment Consulting is an annual academic publication that is focused on empirical, graduate-level research, including commentary from academic authorities, industry thought leaders, and award-winning authors.

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VOL. 22, NO. 1, 2023

In this issue of the Journal of Investment Consulting, you will discover a captivating collection of articles and interviews with luminaries of the investment world.

We begin with an interview with one of the most successful investors of all time, a brilliant mathematician and generous philanthropist, James Simons. He talks about his secret sauce for quantitative investing and his mathematical discoveries. Importantly, he shares his efforts to support science and transform mathematics education.

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Editorial Advisory Board

The JIC editorial advisory board includes acknowledged authorities and leaders in the fields of investment consulting, investment management, capital markets, fiduciary practice, wealth management, and financial planning.

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We invite academic and industry professionals to submit papers on a variety of investment and wealth management topics for publishing consideration in JIC. Papers should provide the development of theory and applied research as well as new information, new ideas, and new insights on the chosen topic.

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Journal of Investment Consulting Masters Series

Each issue of Journal of Investment Consulting features a timely and insightful discussion with leading experts and visionaries in finance, economics, and investments. These “Masters” are interviewed by members of the publication's editorial advisory board.

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Doctoral Student Research Grants

The Journal of Investment Consulting provides doctoral research grants on topics that examine recent research relevant to retirement and retirement-income planning.

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