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When you’re ready to advance your career—and retain more high-net-worth clients—choose the Certified Investment Management Analyst® certification.

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What Can CIMA® Do for You?

With markets defined by fixed income volatility and low equity return expectations, deliver the sophisticated advice today's investors demand - and need - with the Certified Investment Management Analyst® (CIMA®) certification.

The CIMA® designation provides advisors, consultants and analysts with the tools to go beyond investment fundamentals. The program:

  • Integrates practical knowledge with investment theory, with deep dives into advanced portfolio construction, accounting and risk management.

  • Delivers a systematic process to put this sophisticated knowledge into action - differentiating services, solutions and outcomes.

Demonstrate and deliver the sophisticated expertise that U/HNW investors need with the CIMA® certification.

It's not by chance that CIMA® holders report higher earnings and larger client accounts than holders of other designations.

From behavioral finance to plan design and beyond, they gain critical skills and knowledge from the world's most sophisticated business schools (including the University of Chicago Booth School of Business and the Yale School of Management.)

Learn how the CIMA® certification can help you integrate practical skills with sophisticated investment knowledge to meet the needs of sophisticated investors and build more successful practices.

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of CIMA® certified advisors report earning $380,000 annually or more.


Practices with CIMA® professionals manage twice the assets and generate twice the revenue of other practices.


of practices with more than one CIMA® professional advise high-net-worth and ultra-high-net-worth clients.


of CIMA® professionals are practice owners or team leaders.

CIMA® Certification Process & Costs

Our standards are high. And CIMA® certification is rigorous.

But when you join the community of CIMA® certificants—more than 8,500 around the world—you’re in the company of game changers, influencers, and top executives who are evolving the financial advice profession.

Ready to be part of it?

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  1. Apply and select an education provider

  2. Complete executive education program

  3. Pass the CIMA® Certification exam

  4. Complete three final steps your certification

Premier Education Providers to Guide Your CIMA® Program

Investments & Wealth Institute ensures intellectual rigor, engaging teaching, and cutting-edge research for our standards-based, ANAB-accredited CIMA® curriculum by partnering with Top 10 and Ivy League-quality educational providers.

CIMA certification education programs are led by industry experts from Ivy League and Top 10 business schools.

Yale School of Management

Learn from Yale faculty and industry experts through this fully online program, Investment Management Theory & Practice, which includes comprehensive study materials and exam-prep tools.

University of Chicago Booth School of Business

Choose from fully online or hybrid (online with an in-person exam prep workshop) for a flexible experience with top faculty and experienced practitioners.

Portfolio Construction Forum

This synchronous online blended live and on-demand learning program, led by the Forum’s specialist academic research unit, enables convenient access to CIMA® education for students in the Asia Pacific region.

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Leverage the Strength of Committed CIMA® Educators*

* Please note that faculty and lecturers at partner institutions are subject to change.

“I learned about Investments & Wealth Institute about 20 years ago and found they have deeper, richer content in their journals and conferences than some other certifying organizations. And they have two of the only financial advisor certifications that are accredited at the highest levels, including global accreditation. That was important to Yale in deciding which certification we wanted to support with our education program.”

Jim Dobbs, CIMA®, CFP®, CPWA®
CIMA® Program Director, Yale School of Management

Resources to Support Your CIMA® Certification Journey


Make your case to peers and employers.


All-in-one reference to the CIMA certification program.


At-a-glance coursework outline.


What to expect at exam time.


Learn about financial assistance for CIMA candidates from underrepresented communities.

“The CIMA® designation not only helped me with my clients (advisors) but it opened new doors. I started being invited to investment committee meetings and included in due diligence calls. I was seen as the person who had the skill set to impact the conversation.”

John Smith

Why offer CIMA® certifications to your firm’s teams?

Today’s affluent clients don’t come to you for products. They come to you for knowledge. So your client-facing advisors must offer sophisticated investment and financial management capabilities across strategies, styles, products, and behavioral biases.

Institutional Expertise

Practices with multiple CIMA® certificants focus about 13% of their business on institutional clients.

Additional Asset Capture

70% of practices with a CIMA® certification professional attract 75% or more of their clients’ investment assets

Advanced Experience

84% of CIMA® certification professionals have 10+years of financial advising experience.

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