IWI Certification Renewal

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By maintaining your CIMA®, CPWA®, and RMA® certification credentials, you continually demonstrate your high standards of professionalism to the public and your clients. Start here to understand renewal steps, continuing education (CE) requirements, and renewal fees.

Report CE

Document CE from all sources.

Earn CE Online

CE when and where it works for you.

Attend a Conference

CE that connects you with industry peers and leaders.

Maintain Your CIMA®, CPWA®, and RMA® Certification

You’ll receive a notice and the opportunity to complete your renewal requirements 6 months before the renewal deadline. The process is simple and efficient


Complete a minimum of 40 hours of continuing education (CE)

CIMA®, CPWA®, and RMA® certified professionals are required to complete and report a minimum of 40 credit-hours of continuing education within a 2-year period. Of those hours, you must dedicate:

  • 2 credit hours to ethics

  • 1 credit hour to tax or regulatory topics

*CE uploaded must be from a course that is a minimum of 50 minutes and a part of the approved topics list.


Credit Hours Required

You can apply the same 40 credit hours across ALL your IWI certifications.

Select CE credits can be applied to both IWI certification and CFP® renewals.


Pay the certification renewal fee

Your renewal fee extends your certification and your basic membership with Investments & Wealth Institute for 2 full years.

Log In to Your Account to Pay


Certification Renewal

One fee covers ALL your IWI Certifications for two years.


Complete the compliance requirement

CIMA®, CPWA®, and RMA® certificants demonstrate the highest standards of ethical and professional conduct. Renew your commitment to:

  • Upholding the Institute’s Code of Professional Responsibility

  • Adhering to the rules for use of the certification marks

  • Disclosing any federal or state regulatory actions or complaints

How Can I Earn IWI CE Credits?

Earn Premier CE from IWI

Elite Members Get Exceptional Benefits on CE

Find out more about how you can get free CE- approved courses, reduced costs for conferences and events, free access to our award-winning publications, concierge service, and more

Explore Elite Membership

Why Should I Choose IWI Premier Continuing Education First?

5 Reasons

Simplify CE completion and reporting with the assurance that whatever you learn will also count toward your renewal requirement.

IWI premier CE selections deliver:

  1. Quality, relevant content. Through our continuous job-analysis research, IWI regularly updates our investment, wealth, and retirement management content to ensure it supports you in meeting the needs and challenges of your real-world clients.

  2. Auto-reporting. Within 2 weeks of your participation in any CE-accepted program, your Premier CE credits will automatically be reported in your record.

  3. CFP® CE credit. As a CFP® Quality Partner, Investments & Wealth Institute provides qualified CE courses for CFP® professionals and ensures your CE credits are accurately uploaded to the CFP® Board.

  4. Audit-proof CE. Any Sponsored or Self-Reported CE may be audited, but Premier CE from IWI’s live, print, and online education programs is pre-verified and won’t be included in an audit.

  5. All with no fees. Your registration fee for any IWI education program covers all reporting costs.

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Can I earn CE from other sources?


Sponsored CE

When you complete in-person or online CE from a Registered IWI CE Sponsor, log in to your dashboard to verify the hours were uploaded or report the credits yourself.

Sponsored CE is subject to audit.

Learn more

Self-Reported CE

If you complete CE from an independent provider, you can report those hours using the CE reporting tool in your dashboard.

Self-reported CE is subject to a reporting fee and audit.

View in DashboardAccepted CE Topics

Earn CE Through Volunteering

Members of the Annual Conference Committee can earn up to 20 hours of CE.

Volunteer CE is not subject to fees or audit.

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"Being a member of the Investments & Wealth Institute means that I care about my clients, I care about my own development, and I care enough to do everything in my power to be the best advisor I can be for all my clients out there."

Desiree Maldonado Irizarry, CPWA®, CIMA®, CFP®
Financial Advisor at Popular Securities, LLC

What Happens in a CE Audit?

Ongoing education ensures that you remain up to date with evolving industry concepts, best practices, and skills to better serve your clients.

That’s why IWI—as your credentialing body—takes great pride in ensuring that your credentials remain relevant and that the requirements to maintain them are targeted and attainable.

Each month, we select a sample of CIMA®, CPWA®, and RMA® certification holders at random for a CE audit. Audited individuals have 30 days to provide documentation for all CE under audit. Information required includes:

  • Proof of completion

  • Content description

  • Clock time for the program

Certificants need only verify Sponsored CE and Self-Reported CE.

Premier CE offered by Investments & Wealth Institute is not subject to audit.

But What About…? 

Have a specific question about completing continuing education, reporting CE, or another certification renewal concern?