Accepted Topics for Certification Renewal CE Credits

Learn more about accepted and not accepted topics for CE Credit when maintaining your CIMA®, CPWA®, and/or RMA® certification.

Accepted CE Topics

Continuing education is a form of recertification and should be related directly to the knowledge, skills and abilities that are covered in the education and examination process. A summary of accepted CE topics for CIMA®, CPWA® and RMA® certifications are listed below. Note this is not an exhaustive list. For more details, see the certification topics in the Candidate Handbooks for CIMA® Certification and CPWA® Certification.

Technical Investment Management

  • Global Capital Market History and Valuation

  • Applied Finance and Economics

  • Applied Statistics and Data Interpretation

  • Traditional and Alternative Investments

  • Portfolio Performance and Risk Measurements

  • Portfolio Theory

  • Individual and Institutional Investment Policies

  • Manager Selection

  • Investment Analysis and Recommendations

  • Investment Consulting Process (including client discovery, monitoring and portfolio review)

Wealth Management

  • Applied Behavioral Finance Family Dynamics

  • Tax Strategies and Planning Portfolio Management

  • Risk Management and Asset Protection

  • Business Entities and Closely Held Business Executive Compensation Plans

  • Retirement Planning

  • Charitable Giving

  • Estate Planning and Wealth Transfer

Governance and Regulations

  • Investments & Wealth Institute Code of Professional Responsibility Ethics

  • Applicable Regulations; Compliance and Legal Implications

Retirement Management

  • Client Diagnostics

  • Retirement Lifecycle

  • Retirement Management and Allocations

  • Retirement risks

  • Retirement income

  • Comprehensive retirement planning

  • Social Security and Medicare

  • Healthcare planning

  • Elder care/Elder Abuse/Dementia assistance

  • Retirement policy-making

  • Accumulation and decumulation strategies

  • Retirement product landscape

  • Withdrawal strategies

  • Tax-efficiency in retirement

  • Insurance strategies


  • Building Your Business (if related to investment or wealth management)

  • Leadership Programs (if related to investment or wealth management)

Not Accepted Topics and Submissions

*Please note that this is not an exhaustive list

  • Marketing skills and techniques

  • Motivation programs

  • Team building

  • All FINRA, NASAA, insurance or other regulatory and licensing exams

  • Proprietary information, products or services

  • Normal business procedures

  • Due diligence presentations/sessions

  • Online courses without exams and passing grade

  • Webcasts without proof of attendance/exams

  • Client/public presentations or seminars

  • Programs/sessions less than 50 minutes

  • Tapes/CDs/DVDs

  • Prep classes for licenses/certifications

  • Self-published books

  • Authorship of newspaper articles

  • Non-peer reviewed journals

  • Grading exams for other designations/certifications