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Understand the exam format, CIMA® curriculum topics the comprehensive exam will cover, and how the topics are weighted.

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Exam Standards

Learn the rigorous, standards-based process that goes into developing a reliable, valid CIMA® certification exam.

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CIMA® Exam Prep Resources

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As you set out to understand and study what you need to know for the CIMA® exam, you’ll find information and insights in many of the resources here.

But no one source has all the information for every exam topic. The most successful candidates use a variety of resources—from these lists and from additional industry sources—to ensure they are proficient with the course content.


Download the Candidate Handbook and Content Outline

These two comprehensive sources include detailed lists of the curriculum you’ll be tested on and serve as a ready-made study checklist

CIMA® candidate handbook
CIMA® content outline

Download the CIMA® Formula Sample Sheet

These formulae are referenced across the topics on the exam. Download the reference sheet and watch the instructional video to understand how to use these essential formula calculations

Sample Formula Sheet

Review IWI’s Code of Professional Responsibility

CIMA® certificants are held to the highest standards of ethical and professional conduct. Be sure you understand these principles and the intent behind them

Code of Professional Responsibility

Schedule Your CIMA® Exam

You must sit for the exam within 90 days of completing your executive education program. If you miss your 90-day window and need to move to the next window, a rescheduling fee will apply.

The CIMA® exam is offered year-round in person through Pearson VUE testing centers or online through ProctorU's Meazure Learning.

The initial exam fee is included in your program application fee. Retake and rescheduling fees are $225 for IWI members and $325 for nonmembers.

Explore Independent Review Options

The following independent providers offer examination review, tutoring, and overview services to CIMA® candidates and interested individuals.

CIMA® Certification Exam Prep Workshop

Rebecca Meyer, Associate Director +1 312-423-8037

Executive Education main line +1 312-464-8732

*Fee-based, separate from Chicago Booth’s education program

Online Prep for CIMA® Certification Exam

Jim Dobbs, Program Director

+1 720-224-1530

*Included in cost of the Yale CIMA® education program

CIMA® Certification Exam Prep Workshop

Graham Rich, Dean, Investment

Management Research Program


*For students in Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, and Hong Kong; required.

Calculator Policy

Yes, you can use an accepted financial calculator when taking the CIMA® exam.

Policy for calculator use

You are required to clear your financial calculator's memory before the exam.

You are not allowed to bring any notes, including manually programmed formulas, into the testing area. If your calculator has notes, formulas, or other printed information, remove them or cover them with solid color tape. Calculators are subject to inspection by test center staff.

Acceptable calculator models

New and older models of the following calculators are allowed.

• Hewlett Packard: HP 10b, HP 10bII, HP 10bII Plus, HP 12C, HP 12C Platinum, HP 17B, HP 17BII, and HP 17BII Plus

• Texas Instruments: BA II Plus, BA II Plus Professional, and BA II Plus Business Analyst

How to use them

Get independent guidance for using non-programmable calculators at:

Calculator Tutorial Index (free)

eLearnAbout (paid subscription)

Further Reading and Self-Study

Looking for a deeper understanding of the curriculum and topics in the CIMA® Detailed Content Outline? This list—organized by topic—includes well-known and respected texts that may help prepare for the exam.

These are suggestions only, and the list is not all-inclusive. In order to meet the Institute's impartiality standards, we neither recommend nor require any specific text.

Look for…

A text on investments

A text on behavioral finance

A text on asset allocation

A text on investment management consulting

A text or chapters on investment policy development

Readings or textbook chapters on regulations

A text or chapters on manager search and selection

A text or chapters on performance measurement

Exam Pass Rates

Most Recent Quarter Pass Rate


First-Time Testers

1/01/2024 – 3/31/2024

Re-Test Rate: 29%

Past 2-Year Pass Rate


First-Time Testers

4/1/2022 – 3/31/2024

Re-Test Rate: 27%

Certificant and Candidate Complaint Process

Have a complaint or concern about Investments & Wealth Institute certification policy, practice, or decisions?

Send your complaint in writing—by email, mail, or fax—to IWI.

Your complaint will be reviewed by an Investments & Wealth Institute management team including its Chief Executive Officer. After review, complaints are forwarded to the appropriate team:

  • Requests to change certification policies go to the volunteer body that has governing authority over the policy in question.

  • Complaints about all other certification activities go to the certification department management team.

  • Complaints unrelated to certification activities go to the Senior Director of Administration and Chief Executive Officer for review and resolution.

Have Questions? Need Help?

Reach out to the IWI Certification Department with any questions about the certification process, eligibility, or learning the curriculum.