Doctoral Student Research Grants

Journal of Investment Consulting

The Journal of Investment Consulting provides doctoral research grants on topics that examine recent research relevant to investment consulting and private wealth management.

Research Topics

Research proposals are invited from doctoral students on the following topics:

  • Alternative investments

  • Asset allocation

  • Currency management

  • Modeling tail risk

  • Investment due diligence

  • Manager search and selection

  • Monolithic and flash trading

  • Performance measurement

  • Portfolio construction

  • Regime-switching models

  • Risk management

  • Retirement planning

  • Small-cap investing

  • Stress-testing investment portfolios

  • Wealth management

  • Other relevant topics for investment professionals

Proposal Criteria

Research must follow robust quantitative methods, but it also must offer implications for applied research relevant to investment advisors/consultants.

All research proposals submitted for funding consideration should include the following:

  • Introduction and Theoretical Framework

  • Statement of the Problem

  • Purpose of the Study

  • Literature Review

  • Questions and/or Hypotheses

  • Methodology

  • Significance for investment advisors/consultants

  • Conclusion and opportunities for future research

  • References

  • Researcher’s biography

Review Process

The Journal of Investment Consulting editorial advisory board will review all submitted proposals. Proposals will be selected for funding based on relevance of the research and its significance for investment advisors.


The Institute will provide US$5,000 funding for approved proposals; the deliverable is a paper submission for publishing consideration in the Journal of Investment Consulting. The publication’s editorial advisory board will review all resulting paper submissions via its double-blind review process.

Submitting Proposals

The Journal of Investment Consulting accepts doctoral student research proposals for consideration on a continual basis.

Submit research proposals via e-mail in either PDF or Word format to:

Debbie Nochlin, Editorial Director, Journal of Investment Consulting