Revolutionizing Retirement Planning: '50 States of Gray' Unveiled by IWI

Posted by Allison Edmondson, Director of Communications

May 7, 2018 3:00:00 PM

Denver, CO — May 7, 2018The Investments & Wealth Institute® (formerly IMCA) announces the release of 50 States of Gray: An Innovative Solution to the Defined Contribution Retirement Crisis, by Arun Muralidhar, Ph.D., founder, Mcube Investment Technologies, LLC, and founder and client chief investment officer, AlphaEngine Global Investment Solutions, with a foreword from the 1997 Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences recipient Robert C. Merton, and edited by Debbie Nochlin, managing editor, Investments & Wealth Institute.
50 States of Gray proposes a four-step reform process that articulates roles, responsibilities, and a sequencing of steps, in order to effectively address the looming retirement crisis. Current reform models, Muralidhar argues, potentially expose participants to costly, error-prone, and illiquid alternatives, which could transfer wealth from poor citizens to rich asset managers, and from poor minority citizens to rich, majority populations.
Retirement planning presents a wealth of complex challenges associated with saving, investing, and decumulation. To address these challenges, Muralidhar provides an innovative Flex MMM reform model solution that reflects the goals of numerous stakeholders, including, states, employers, employees, asset managers, and regulators, by showing steps federal and state government could take to alleviate the guesswork and insecurity involved in the retirement saving process. Muralidhar also demonstrates that the lynchpin for retirement security globally is an innovative new retirement bond (called “SeLFIES”) he has jointly developed with Merton that governments could easily issue to achieve multiple goals.
“I applaud Arun Muralidhar,” Merton says in the book’s foreword, “for the timely arrival of 50 States of Gray, offering us practical innovative solutions for addressing retirement funding, based on the solid foundation of finance principles, which are applicable globally.”
The Investments & Wealth Institute regularly publishes works on advanced investments and wealth topics, including the Investments & Wealth Monitor, Journal of Investment Consulting, Investments & Wealth Research, Retirement Management Journal, and other publications.
“With more than 76 million baby boomers in the U.S. set to retire or already in retirement, this book provides a timely and excellent contribution to the current retirement body of knowledge,” said Sean Walters, CAE, chief executive officer and executive director, Investments & Wealth Institute. “We’re delighted to publish this work and offer it to financial professionals as part of the Institute’s mission to provide advanced education and credentials.” 
The Institute administers the Certified Investment Management Analyst® certification, the peak international, technical portfolio construction program designed for investment consultants, analysts, financial advisors, and wealth management professionals; the Certified Private Wealth Advisor® certification for advisors who serve high-net-worth clients; and the Retirement Management Advisor® certification for advisors interested in mastering the retirement planning advisory process.
Copies of 50 States of Gray are available through the Investments & Wealth Institute online store


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