2021 Investor Report: Adapting to Evolving Needs of High-Net-Worth Canadians

Posted by Allison Edmondson, Director of Communications

Mar 2, 2022 3:00:00 PM

Denver, CO — March 2, 2022  — A special report released by the Investments & Wealth Institute®, 2021 Investor Report Canada, focuses on understanding the needs and concerns of high-net-worth investors and highlights how the pandemic is changing how they think about the future. Investors’ overall satisfaction with their advisors remains high and clients feel supported, but it is critical to acknowledge that the client experience will need to evolve with their changing expectations, preferences, concerns and aspirations.   

While 52% of survey respondents report some financial impact from the global pandemic, respondents were more likely to report that the pandemic had impacted their financial futures in ways that are not purely financial. Younger respondents were more likely to say they will set different goals for their financial future and give more to charity, while respondents who were closer to retirement were more likely to say they would reduce their spending.
The most significant client concerns have less to do with the level of service being provided by their advisors and more to do with clients’ own level of self-confidence about their financial future. They are concerned about:

  • Personal or family health (62% somewhat concerned or very concerned)

  • Market uncertainty (68% somewhat concerned or very concerned)

  • Helping their children make good financial decisions (36% somewhat concerned or very concerned)

  • Job security for their children (37% somewhat concerned or very concerned)

  • Caring for elderly parents (32% somewhat concerned or very concerned)

“The insights gleaned from this survey demonstrate a tremendous opportunity for advisors to provide a more refined, personalized client experience. Advisors who are nimble and responsive to how clients are feeling — and what they need right now — have great potential for strengthening client experiences and maintaining long-term relationships,” said Investments & Wealth Institute Chief Executive Officer Sean R. Walters, CAE®.
The research for this report was conducted by Absolute Engagement. Responses were collected in September and October 2021 from 425 respondents. All respondents worked with a financial advisor, made or contributed to financial decisions and met specific asset criteria.

The report is available as a downloadable PDF here. Charts included in the report can be made available upon request.


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