New Edition of Retirement Management Journal Published by Investments & Wealth Institute

Posted by Allison Edmondson, Director of Communications

Mar 7, 2024 3:00:00 PM

Eighty pages of advanced empirical research, exclusive interviews, and insightful thought leadership around contemporary issues in retirement management.

Denver, CO – The latest edition of the Retirement Management Journal — a distinguished, double-blind peer-reviewed journal devoted to retirement and retirement-income planning has been published by the Investments & Wealth Institute (Volume 12, Number 1, 2023).

Award-winning financial journalist and retirement management expert Robert Powell, CFP®, RMA®, continues his role as long-time editor-in-chief, overseeing the contributions of a distinguished set of industry luminaries and academic experts. Available via annual online or print subscriptions, the Retirement Management Journal helps sophisticated advisors gain new insights and advanced strategies to help their clients navigate the complexities of the modern retirement landscape.

“This issue of the Retirement Management Journal is characteristically rich in its offerings of scholarly articles, book reviews, and expert discussions,” said Mr. Powell. “Additionally, as part of our Visionaries Series, we are also delighted to showcase two exclusive, deep-dive interviews with a set of legends in the field of retirement planning: Annamaria Lusardi and J. Mark Iwry.”

Ms. Lusardi is one of the most cited authors in contemporary financial literacy and founder of the Global Financial Literacy Excellence Center. In this interview, she recounts major milestones in her career, including her lasting contributions to the highly influential and widely respected Health and Retirement Study. Along the way, she reflects on the importance of promoting and embedding financial literacy into all aspects of our societies. Ms. Lusardi discusses ideas such as automatically enrolling people into pensions, adding measures of a citizen’s financial literacy to nationally collected statistics, and ensuring that all employers offer financial education in the workplace.

Meanwhile, Mr. Iwry has been referred to as “one of the most constructive public servants in the United States.” His pedigree and professional accomplishments in affecting retirement plan law and policy include serving as senior advisor to the Secretary of the Treasury for national retirement policy, advising on and helping develop the SECURE and SECURE 2.0 Acts, and testifying to Congress 27 times both as a government official and as a private-sector expert. In his interview, Mr. Iwry provides readers with a fascinating, detailed history of his efforts to help Americans achieve financial and retirement security — even as the long-standing era of direct benefit pension plans waned in favor of defined contribution approaches.

Another paper of note is “Optimal Spending and Portfolio Rules to Protect Desired Spending in Retirement.” Written by Professor Massimiliano De Santis, Ph.D., this paper proposes a novel retirement spending and investing strategy for retirees who wish to maintain, and potentially increase, spending power over time — while minimizing the risk of spending declines. De Santis’ strategy is multifaceted, including a spending rule that adjusts withdrawals based on portfolio performance, an asset allocation strategy that becomes more aggressive with higher excess wealth, and a consistent integration of spending and asset allocation adjustments.

The inside front cover of this edition of the Retirement Management Journal introduces readers to the Chicago Booth RMA® Capstone experience, a new offering for retirement management professionals interested in earning the Retirement Management Advisor® certification from Investments & Wealth Institute.

“As always, the contributions of the peer reviewers, the editorial advisory board, and particularly Debbie Nochlin, the Investments & Wealth Institute’s editorial director, have been integral to this edition of the Retirement Management Journal. Nochlin’s leadership and vision have been instrumental in bringing together all these valuable resources for professionals in retirement planning.”

About the Retirement Management Journal

The Retirement Management Journal is an annual academic publication of the Investments & Wealth Institute. The double-blind peer-reviewed publication is focused on retirement and retirement-income planning research and commentary. The target audience includes retirement and financial planning practitioners, policy experts, product designers, and academic researchers conducting studies related to retirement. The journal aims to advance knowledge and provide insights to help advisors develop strategies for their clients' successful transition into retirement and is designed in part to contribute to the body of knowledge in the Investment & Wealth Institute’s Retirement Management Advisor® certification program. A distinguished editorial advisory board consisting of academic scholars, industry practitioners, and policy experts reviews all submissions. The commentary provided by the authors who appear in the Retirement Management Journal does not necessarily represent the opinions of the Investments & Wealth Institute board of directors, staff, members, or the editorial advisory board of the publication.

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