CPWA® Accelerator Pack

Designed exclusively for candidates of the CPWA® certification program.

Act fast, the CPWA® Accelerator Pack may only be purchased within the first 60-days of the Chicago Booth or Investments & Wealth Institute CPWA® Program.

Accelerate your path to certification.

What’s Included?


CPWA Test Preparation and Study Course

The Test Preparation and Study Course is separate from the online, self-study program. The self-study program teaches wealth content and is required for you to obtain the CPWA® certification. The Test Preparation and Study Course in this Accelerator Pack is optional and teaches test-taking skills and techniques for analyzing test questions and previewing answers. These test-taking skills and techniques may help candidates move more quickly and confidently through the certification examination.

Upon registration for the Accelerator Pack, registrants will have immediate access to the online CPWA Test Preparation and Study Course in the Investments & Wealth Academy. May be purchased separately for $395.


Unlimited Certification Exam Retakes

Candidates can take the certification examination as many times as needed to pass; however, there is a fee per retake attempt. Upon registration for the Accelerator Pack, all retake fees are waived for 12-months so that cost does not have to add to the pressures of passing. Regularly $225/additional attempt.


Hard Copies of Self-Study Readings

Regardless of which registered education provider you choose, candidates pursuing the CPWA® certification have some degree of self-study to complete as part of the required curriculum. Designed to be conveniently delivered online, we understand that sometimes you just want to unplug while you study. Upon registration for the Accelerator Pack, you will automatically be shipped spiral bound hard copies of the readings included in the online self-study course. May be purchased separately for $225 + shipping, handling, and tax (approximately $275).

Note: Hard-copy materials are printed in black and white and are organized into 4 spiral bound binders of selected readings available in the online self-study program for candidates working through Chicago Booth or Investments & Wealth Institute CPWA® programs. The hard copy materials are not a replacement for the online self-study course.

The CPWA® Accelerator Pack and hard copies of the self-study readings may only be purchased within the first 60 days of the start of the Chicago Booth or Investments & Wealth Institute CPWA® Program.

Important: Copies will be shipped to the primary address on file. Shipping can take up to 2.5 weeks. To ensure automatic receipt of the readings, please make sure that the address field of your Investments & Wealth Institute® website profile is filled in and accurate. To do so:
1. Sign in to the website.
2. Click “Edit Primary Info” in the Profile Details box.

Refund Policy: Refund requests are available only within the first 30 days of purchase, please email request to sconfer@i-w.org. Hard copy materials must be shipped back to Investments & Wealth Institute® headquarters at the candidate’s expense. Upon receipt of the hard copy materials, a refund of the purchase price will be processed and access to the CPWA® Test Preparation and Study Course, and unlimited exam retakes will be removed.

CPWA Accelerator Pack Cost

$595 | Exclusively available for CPWA Candidates

*May only be purchased within the first 60 days of the start of the Chicago Booth or Investments & Wealth Institute CPWA® Program. Registration is requested by email to the IWI team. Expires one year from date purchased.

Send a Registration Request

How to Access

Upon successful registration, learners will receive two emails: one including a transactional receipt and a second including navigation instructions for accessing the CPWA Test Preparation and Study Course. Access instructions are also included below:

  1. Log in to the Investments & Wealth Institute website

  2. Click on “IWI Academy” in the blue ribbon.

  3. Once on the IWI Academy homepage, your course will be located under “Resume Course” on the left side of the page.

Please monitor your inbox and spam folders for these communications or contact the education department at education@i-w.org for assistance.

More Information About the CPWA Accelerator Pack


The course is intended to instill more test-taking confidence in candidates of the CPWA® certification program, specifically in answering scenario-based questions. It teaches test-taking skills and demonstrates how candidates can create their own study plans and examination study guides.

The complexity of the questions that participants will learn to analyze and dissect is more similar to those candidates will experience on the certification exam, as opposed to the quiz questions in the self-study program.


The course is delivered in an online, self-paced format. Material is heavily based on self-reflection about existing knowledge, so course participants may choose a linear path through the content or move from one topic to another.


case studies with 70 related multiple-choice questions


branching scenarios with related question/answer sessions and content review


flash card/matching/sorting activities


downloadable documents for assistance with study preparation


Module 1

Test-taking skills & how to create study tools

  • How to develop your own examination study guides

  • Methods for analyzing test questions and previewing answers

Modules 2-5

Case studies & scenarios (aligned to the CPWA certification exam's Detailed Content Outline)

  • How to analyze questions to determine if you will need to recall concepts, calculate answers, or recommend solutions to matching client goals

  • How to discern the relevant facts to quickly rule out or identify correct answers

Module 6

A summary of all that you've learned in prior modules.


  • This course does NOT include a practice examination. It includes practice on how to methodically dissect questions using case studies and scenarios that align to topics in the CPWA curriculum.

  • The Investments & Wealth Institute® and the CPWA Certification Commission neither endorse nor recommend any specific test preparation program, and makes no claim or assurance on the ability of a student to pass the exam as a result of completing the test preparation product.

  • This course may be purchased by current CPWA program candidates only, and is only available for purchase within the first 60 days of the start of the Chicago Booth or Investments & Wealth Institute CPWA® Program.