Digital Badging

We’re committed to providing you with the tools you need to advance your career, and we know that being able to communicate your professional credentials is a necessary step for you.

Using IWI Digital Badging

Your digital badge will give you recognition for your professional designation. With our secure digital badges, your new skills and knowledge can be verified and shared with employers, colleagues, or recruiters.
To get the most out of your digital badge, you can:

  • Add it to your ‘Certifications’ on LinkedIn (you can do this with one click on the credential)

  • Share it to your LinkedIn feed to update your network

  • Add your badge and designation to your email signature to communicate your new status with your colleagues and clients

  • Add it to your website so that prospects and clients can appreciate the expertise you bring to the table

Digital Badge FAQs

How do I access my Digital Badges?

Individuals can visit, where you can create an account if you choose. Thereafter, it will provide instructions to download your assets.

If you are experiencing any technical glitches, please call 303-770-3377 or email

Where can someone place the badges?

CIMA®, CPWA®, and RMA® certificants who successfully earn these prestigious industry credentials will now be able to display them in more mainstream and highly visible forums, from social media platforms and their email signatures in firm websites.

How can I manage the privacy settings?

Yes, you can control your privacy. Take advantage of searchability and have your achievement be discoverable on search engines or set it to private and share with only selected people. How and when you share your credential is up to you.

Are my credentials verified?

Your credentials are learning-verified. Your certifications on LinkedIn can be linked to your live credential so anyone, anywhere can see what you have achieved.

How can I find or restore my credentials?

Once you have been issued a badge from us, you will receive an email notification (sent through Accredible) from Please allow for 2-3 weeks after you pass your certification exam for your credential notice to be delivered. The notification email will be delivered to the email address you supplied and will give you a link to your badge.

Where do I go to create an Accredible account to get started?

Members/Certificants aren't required to create an account with Accredible.

To get started, go to:

What happens when my credentials expire?

Your digital badge and certificate will show as expired. Contact Investments & Wealth Institute at for information on how to reinstate your certification.

How does an employer/individual verify my credentials?

Every individual has their own unique webpage that hosts their credentials with a “verify” button. Employers/others just need to click on the “verify” button to the right of the image of the digital badge. Automatically, the system runs through the checks to make sure that the credential is genuine and still valid.

Where do I go if I am having trouble downloading my asset?

We have an IT support system in place for you to help you navigate the new platform. For assistance, please call 303-770-3377 or email