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In a highly competitive & constantly changing industry, how will you differentiate yourself?


Achieving your next professional goal requires challenging yourself to expand your expertise and skillset. This is where the Investments & Wealth Institute can help.

Keep your career on the fast track by earning prestigious and highly practical certifications.



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You Have One Opportunity to Stand Out

Make the Most of It!

Whether you aim to impress prospective clients and/or employers, you typically have only one opportunity to stand out. Research tells us that certifications are important to help you do just that. In a sea of 271,700 U.S. financial advisors, what will be your differentiator? Advanced education from the Investments & Wealth Institute is a game changer.  See how Institute certifications stack up against other industry designations.


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When do advisors seek advanced education?

Most often, it's when they need to specialize, or make themselves more valuable to their companies and client base.



Certification Paths
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What Is Your Specialty?

Do you construct and manage client investment portfolios, provide asset under management services, or work with endowments or foundations?
Certified Investment Management Analyst (CIMA) certification is the highest level of investment education client-facing advisors can get. In an environment that is highly volatile, this certification gives you the know-how to serve your clients with deep investment knowledge.


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Do you work with or aspire to work with HNW individuals and families? Do you know the intricacies of working with these clients?

cpwa-flag-2.pngCertified Private Wealth Advisor (CPWA) is the certification for advisors who work with—or aspire to work with—high-net-worth (HNW) clients. This certification can help you land and service your next HNW or UHNW client.

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Do you work with clients who are in or nearing retirement? Can you build custom retirement income plans to mitigate clients' risks?

rma-flag-2.pngRetirement Management Advisor (RMA) gives you tools to build custom retirement income plans. Learn to mitigate clients' risks and master the retirement planning advisory process.

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Our certifications are backed by executive education and professors from Ivy League and top-10 business schools:

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