Certified Investment Management Analyst (CIMA) Society of Australia

The CIMA Society of Australia is the professional community for Certified Investment Management Analysts in Australia and New Zealand. The purpose and mission of the CIMA Society is to promote and maintain a high standard of knowledge and practice among investment and wealth professionals associated with constructing investment portfolios, with the CIMA certification program as the core strategy.

Established in 2000 as a chapter of the Investments & Wealth Institute (formerly IMCA), the CIMA Society of Australia includes a wide range of specific professions, including Certified Investment Management Analysts, and are all committed to enhancing this professional community.

Portfolio Construction Forum, Investments & Wealth Institute, & CIMA Society

In Australia and NZ, CIMA certification and accredited continuing education is managed and delivered by Portfolio Construction Forum, the specialist, independent investment continuing education, accreditation, and certification service. The CIMA certification mark is owned by the Investments and Wealth Institute, the Denver, USA based international professional association, advanced education provider, and certification board for financial advisers, investment consultants, and wealth managers. CIMA certificants in Australia and NZ are members of the CIMA Society of Australia, an affiliate of the Institute, with CIMA Society services managed and delivered by Portfolio Construction Forum.


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CIMA Society of Australia
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Royal Exchange NSW 1225
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The Certified Investment Management Analyst Society of Australia Ltd ACN 092 875 762 trades as the CIMA Society of Australia ABN 26092875762