CIMA Society of Australia board members are respected professionals who are well known in the investment consultant community and are leaders in their field. Our Directors include:

CIMA Society Board Name Email Company Location
Chair Marsha Beck, CIMA AMP Capital Sydney
  Kylie Willment, CIMA Mercer Sydney
Co-Deputy Chair, Chair, Nominating Committee Annika Bradley, CIMA Lodrino Brisbane
  David Peacock, CIMA
Wealth Logic Adelaide
Chair, Finance & Risk Committee Hendrie Koster First Sentier Investors Sydney
  Paul Newfield, CIMA     Melbourne
Chair, Governance Committee Keri Pratt State Super Sydney
Executive Officer Graham Rich Portfolio Construction Forum Sydney
  Pete Norris, CIMA Keystone Advice Group Auckland, New Zealand
  Tim Macready, CIMA Christian Super Sydney
Co-Deputy Chair Mirko Cugura, CIMA Innate Financial Services Group Melbourne
  Brnic Van Wyk QSuper Brisbane