CIMA® Society of Australia board members are respected professionals who are well known in the investment consultant community and are leaders in their field. Our Directors include:

CIMA® Society Board Name Email Company Location
Chair Marsha Beck, CIMA® AMP Capital Sydney
  Kylie Willment, CIMA® Mercer Sydney
Chair, Goverance & Nominating Committee Annika Bradley, CIMA® Morningstar Brisbane
  David Peacock, CIMA®
Peacock Investment Consultants Adelaide
  Paul Newfield, CIMA® Frontier Advisors Melbourne
Executive Officer Graham Rich Portfolio Construction Forum / CIMA® Society of Australia Sydney
  Pete Norris, CIMA® Keystone Advice Group Auckland, New Zealand
  Tim Macready, CIMA® Brightlight Sydney
Co-Deputy Chair Mirko Cugura, CIMA® Innate Financial Services Group Melbourne
  Brnic Van Wyk, CIMA® QSuper Brisbane
Chair Finance & Risk Committee Vicki Gemisis Ausbil Investment Management Sydney