Stephen Dubner, Author, Journalist, and Radio and Television Personality


Stephen Dubner, award-winning author, journalist, and radio and television personality, is best known as co-author of the Freakonomicsbook series, including FreakonomicsSuperFreakonomicsThink Like a Freak, and When to Rob a Bank. With more than 7 million copies of his books sold in more than 40 countries, Mr. Dubner is also the host of the Freakonomics Radio podcast and maintains the popular Freakonomics blog, which has been called “the most readable economics blog in the universe.” A former editor and writer at New York magazine and The New York Times, he earned his undergraduate degree from Appalachian State University, where he started a rock band that was signed to Arista Records. He ultimately quit playing music to earn an M.F.A. in writing, Columbia University.