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**Important information about CE reporting**
Due to the holidays, please review this schedule if you need your CE reported by the end of this month.

Our office is closed December 23, 24 and 31, 2021.
  • All sessions watched livestream and evaluations submitted through December 9 will be reported to your record by December 22, 2021. 
  • All sessions watched livestream and evaluations submitted December 10 through December 14 will be reported to your record by December 30, 2021. 
  • All sessions watched livestream and evaluations submitted December 15 through December 22 will be reported to your record by January 7, 2022.
  • Starting December 22, 2021, all sessions will be available on your “My Online Learning Center” and once watched, I&WI CE will be reported on your behalf within 3 business days and CFP CE will be reported within two weeks.
  • Any sessions not watched via livestream during conference days will require you to log into your IWI “my online learning center” and watch videos; all CFP CE will require a short quiz.
For additional questions/concerns about your month-end CE reporting, please contact recertification@i-w.org.

Investments & Wealth Institute®
CIMA®, CPWA®, RMA® certifications: This program is approved for 17 audit-proof continuing education credits. A benefit to choosing Institute programs for your CE needs is that all programs offer “Premier CE” credit, which means all sessions are guaranteed to be accepted for CE. Credit is uploaded to your certificant record on your behalf, and these audit-proof CE credit hours will be reported and reflected in your online account approximately two weeks after the event.

CFP Board
CFP® certification: This program will be submitted to the CFP Board for review. The Institute will report attendance on your behalf to the CFP Board approximately two weeks after the event.

HOW TO EARN (CE) Credits

Investments & Wealth Institute ® CE credits

For each session you attend, please submit an evaluation form to confirm your participation for CE purposes. Evaluation forms are located on the conference platform in the “Evaluations” icon. Be sure to complete the overall conference survey to confirm your full conference attendance.

CFP ® CE credits (NEW–Please read carefully)
Sessions watched on-demand that qualify for CFP CE credit will require a short post-session quiz. Sessions watched livestream will not require a quiz. Your attendance and completed evaluation will suffice.

The CFP ID field on your Institute account must be complete and accurate for this process to take place. To verify we have your CFP ID: log in to your dashboard account and click “update my demographic information” on the right-hand side to locate the CFP ID field.

Other Certifications/Licenses
Upon request, the Institute will provide a certificate of attendance after the conference for you to report CE credit hours to certifying bodies and licensing boards not listed above (e.g., state insurance departments, bar associations, etc.).

Access to Content for Livestream and On-Demand Sessions
December 6, 2021: Conference platform opens with access to attendees, exhibitor information, and much more. On-Demand and EdTalk sessions available for attendees to view for CE credit.
December 7-8, 2021, Livestreamed conference:  Investment Advisor Forum held livestream.
December 10-22, 2021, On-Demand:  All sessions held livestream, December 7-8, will be recorded and available on the conference platform for on-demand viewing. On-Demand sessions are worth full CE credits and available to all attendees.
December 22-June 15, 2022:  All sessions will be available in your “my online learning center” through your IWI member dashboard.

*Program is subject to change which may affect the type and total number of hours delivered.
The topics addressed in this conference are designed for experienced investment and wealth advisors. While the Investments & Wealth Institute does not explicitly require prerequisite education or experience to attend, attendees who wish to maximize the value of each session should consider participating in the Investments & Wealth Institute's CIMA®, CPWA®, or RMA® certification programs.