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Age: 48

Across all advisors surveyed, both CPWA® professionals and other advisors, the mean age of advisors is 48 years of age.


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Experience: 11+ years

The means CPWA® professionals have accumulated over 11 years of industry experience.



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Male   vs.  Female
85%   15%


CIMA® and CPWA®: Practice Profile

CPWA Practice Profile
CIMA and CPWA: Practice Profile. (2019). Cerulli Associates & Investments & Wealth Institute.

CIMA® and CPWA®: Services Offered

CPWA Services Offered

CIMA and CPWA: Services Offered. (2019). Cerulli Associates & Investments & Wealth Institute.

The CPWA® community is made up of elite advisors from around the globe committed to creating exceptional outcomes for their clients.



Top reasons advisors attain CPWA® certification


CPWA Core TopicsObtaining the CPWA® certification plays an important role in key career advancement areas for advisors. CPWA® practices report higher revenue growth over a five-year period than do non CPWA® practices. The average CPWA® team practice manages US$438 million in client assets and generates US$2.1 million in revenue. Team practices generate more assets per client than do other practices. The mean assets per client of CPWA® practices is nearly four times the assets per client of non-CPWA® practices, and revenue generated over the last 12 months is 43% higher for practices with CPWA® professionals than it is for other financial advisors.

Source: Aite, Building High-Net-Worth Knowledge Through the CPWA® Certification


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