Foundation Donors

The Investments and Wealth Foundation is grateful to those individuals and companies listed below who have generously invested in our scholarships.


Scholarships reduce the financial barrier to certification for those underrepresented in the profession and show financial need. Bold indicates gifts from Investments & Wealth Institute and Investments & Wealth Foundation leadership. This list reflects donations received as of October 18, 2022. If there are omissions or corrections, please contact us.

With Special Thanks to our Founder's Circle Donors:

  • Dobbs Family Foundation
  • Kevin Sánchez, in honor of Capt. Hector Julio Sánchez *


  • Jefferson Adcock

  • Teri Hollander Albin
  • Moe Allain
  • Libet Anderson
  • David Archer
  • Pan Athanasoglou
  • Chris Bidwell
  • Dorothy Bossung
  • Garry Bridgeman
  • Noel Pacarro Brown
  • Eilin Cabutto     
  • Mike Coburn  
  • Christina Collins  
  • LynnAlexis Lee Corey     
  • Ira Cox         
  • Lee England     
  • Vance Falbaum     
  • Jean Fidone-Schroer 
  • Christine Gaze         
  • Anuj Gupta     
  • Doug Hanson     
  • Karen Heath-Wade     
  • Brian Konish     
  • Mark Kronemer  
  • Lauris Lambergs     
  • Desiree Maldonado  
*Pledged donation

  • Randy Miller 
  • Candice Montie         
  • Asif Nasim
  • Brian Oettinger     
  • Will Olinger 
  • Morgan Pearsall     
  • Betsy Piper/Bach     
  • Timothy Ponstingle
  • Michele Powell 
  • Dottie Reeder    
  • Matt Rowe        
  • Jonathan Satovsky         
  • Kirsten Schubring     
  • Jim Shields     
  • Matthew Shiely     
  • Ben Silberman     
  • Jason Statuta     
  • Barbara Talisman     
  • Matthew Todsen     
  • Todd Wagenberg     
  • Sean Walters     
  • Deidre Waltz     
  • Brian Watson     
  • Scott Welch     
  • Hatem Zarrouk    


  • American Century Investments
  • ASI Wealth Management
  • Capital Group 
  • EMQQ Global
  • GQG Partners, LLC
  • Macquarie Asset Management 
  • Matthews Asia
  • Morgan Stanley
  • Nationwide Financial 
  • New York Life
  • Raymond James RIA & Custody Services Division
  • RBC Wealth Management 
  • Renaissance Wealth Advisors, LLC
  • Satovsky Asset Management, LLC
  • Schwab Advisor Services
  • Thrivent Advisor Network
  • UBS
"I feel so fortunate to be the recipient of the Investments & Wealth Institute scholarship. The Institute’s standards are very high and it’s an honor to be part of this community."

Chi Guerrero, CIMA®, RMA®, CFP®
Scholarship Recipient | CIMA® Certificant

"The CPWA® education will help me develop the skill set and expertise to work with anyone along the wealth management continuum"

Coleman Webb, CPFA®,  CFP®
Scholarship Recipient | Candidate for CPWA® Certification

"I chose [to pursue] the CPWA because the candidate body of knowledge addresses all that I want to address with high net worth clients.... If a client met with me today they would know that I am qualified to provide solutions to their complex issues. I want Bowman Wealth Management to be uppermost in the minds of estate planning attorneys and CPAs when they seek RIAs to refer their clients. I want to earn the business because I have consistently demonstrated my ability to address the complex issues of the high net worth individual, by providing answers to questions requiring strategic thinking, advanced concepts, and forward-looking planning."

Valerie Bowman, CPWA®, RCP,  RTP
Scholarship Recipient | CPWA® Certificant

"Having earned my CPWA®, I am better positioned to successfully grow and expand my business."

Kristoffer N. Fu, CPWA®, CFP®
Scholarship Recipient | CPWA® Certificant

"By investing in yourself, you show up better for others. Like investors, finance professionals want to see a return on investment. I am sure if you ask someone who has obtained the CIMA certification or CPWA certification if they believe it was worth the investment (both in time and financial cost), they will likely say yes."

Leslie Chang, CPWA®, CFP®
Scholarship Recipient | CPWA® Certificant

"I’m excited to be studying for the RMA certification to better assist clients making the transition into retirement and accessing portfolios we have spent many years building.  The CIMA program offered a deep dive into many aspects of investments, I’m looking forward to doing the same with retirement issues. As an advisor it’s imperative we are continually learning and seeking ways to improve the experience and outcomes for our clients."

Lynn Ann Gillen, CIMA® , RMA®
Scholarship Recipient | RMA® Certificant

"These designations not only hold you to the highest ethical standards but exemplify a person who is serious about what they do and the clients that they serve....My client base is comprised of high net-worth (HNW) & ultra-high-net worth (UHNW) individuals and families. The CPWA® hones in on planning and investment topics that are most pertinent to these types of clients. Obtaining this designation will help me continue serving these clients in the highest capacity."

Wes Hedrick, CFP®
Scholarship Recipient | Candidate for CPWA® Certification

"As an investment professional or advisor, you can never stop learning and improving your skillset....This investment world is ever so changing, and you need to make sure you are constantly changing and improving along the way. And one way to do that is to continue investing in yourself through education and professional certifications."

Chadwick Roberson
Scholarship Recipient | Candidate for CIMA® Certification

"The CPWA® will be important for me and my firm as it covers all the bases, providing a full breadth of skill in addition to greater credibility. Credibility is critical to clients. As a young professional woman in finance, the CPWA® will be an immediate differentiation and help to demonstrate my knowledge, skills, and ability. I am so excited to have the opportunity to pursue the CPWA® Certification. The Scholarship expands my ability to pursue this education and grow my knowledge and practice."

Karīna Sērmūksle
Scholarship Recipient | Candidate for CPWA® Certification

"My goal is to work with high-net-worth clients and endowments. Earning the CIMA designation is an illustration to prospective clients that I possess the knowledge to effectively manage their capital. It will give me the credibility of having specialized training and knowledge. The CIMA certification is critical in helping me build trust and create relationships with wealthy sophisticated investors who have complex needs."

Shaun Taylor
Scholarship Recipient | Candidate for CIMA® Certification