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Investments & Wealth Foundation scholarships are designed to reduce the barriers for entry into Certified Investment Management Analyst® (CIMA®), Certified Private Wealth Advisor® (CPWA®), and Retirement Management Advisor® (RMA®) certification programs so that you can access the advantages of premier professional development.

Who Is Eligible for a Scholarship?

Driven by IWI’s commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion in our membership and executive educational programs, Investments & Wealth Foundation makes scholarships available to individuals who are from groups currently underrepresented in our industry, including but not limited to:

  • African American, Black, Asian, Pacific Islander, Native American, Hispanic, Latin(o/a), and other people of color

  • Individuals with an ADA disability

  • Women

  • Veterans

  • Those who identify under the LGBTQ+ umbrella

  • Advisors from small, independent RIA or independent broker-dealer firms that don’t provide tuition reimbursement assistance

  • Any individual who can demonstrate financial need

How Does a Scholarship Help?

Scholarships provide funds that you can apply directly toward the completion of an IWI certification program.

  • Scholarship award amounts range between $1,000 and $5,000.

  • You can’t use a scholarship in combination with a corporate discount.

  • Scholarships don’t cover the full cost of the certification program.

Scholarships are applied to the cost of certification enrollment.

Remember to plan for additional costs such as travel, test prep, retake fees, and your initial certification fee.

How to Apply: Steps to a Scholarship


Select a certification program (CIMA®, CPWA®, or RMA®) and submit your scholarship application.

First, select the certification program you want to pursue.

You’ll want to know not only which program best suits your goals, but when and how the executive education program will be offered.

Compare IWI certifications

Decide when you plan to enroll.

You can apply at any time, but remember you must:

  • Apply before you enroll in your selected program

  • Allow adequate time for application review before your program start date

  • Use your scholarship funds within 6 months of your award

TIP: The best time to apply is early in the quarter before your expected start date: in January, April, July, or October.

Then, submit your application.

Be thorough, thoughtful, and complete. Set aside the time you need to complete all the information, including the required essay question (250-500 words).

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Watch for a decision.

Scholarship applications are evaluated by a committee and scholarship amounts are awarded based on eligibility, the quality of the application, demonstrated need, and available funds.

15 Business Days Typical time for the Scholarship Committee to review an application.


When you receive notification of an award, apply for your certification program.

If you receive a scholarship, you’ll get information about how to use your award when you apply for your certification program.

With your certification enrollment, you’ll automatically receive a 2-year Basic IWI membership.

If I can’t use my scholarship within 6 months, do I need to reapply?

Yes. The Foundation cannot guarantee you will receive the same scholarship amount if you reapply. In limited circumstances—such as medical emergency, death of a loved one, or a drastic change in your financial situation—the Scholarship Committee may agree to briefly extend your scholarship’s expiration.

"Being a member of the Investments & Wealth Institute means that I care about my clients, I care about my own development, and I care enough to do everything in my power to be the best advisor I can be for all my clients out there."

Desiree Maldonado Irizarry, CPWA®, CIMA®, CFP®
Financial Advisor at Popular Securities, LLC

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Scholarship Application Support

If you’ve submitted an application and have questions—or are in the process of submitting—contact

Certification Support

If you’d like to talk about the certification program that’s right for you, contact our enrollment counselors.

Contact our Enrollment Team

Program Support

If you’re enrolled in a program and have questions, contact your candidate support person. For RMA® and CPWA®, contact Stephanie Confer. For CIMA®, contact Ashley Vargas.

General Support

Contact the IWI customer care team at 303-770-3377 or

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