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CE Credit Qualification Criteria

Education programs must meet the below criteria for CE credit qualification:

  • Program Development/Content

    1. Programs are developed and facilitated by persons qualified in the subject matter.

    2. Content is current, correct,and related to Institute certifications.

    3. Unacceptable content includes, but is not limited to: prep classes specific to a license or certification, such as FINRA or NASAA licensing exams; proprietary information; product presentations; normal business procedures (including due diligence meetings); client/public presentations or seminars.

  • Program Format

    1. Real-Time Delivery

      1. May include, but is not limited to, live classroom environment; in-person seminars; teleconference calls; or live webinar formats.

    2. Online Self-Study Programs or Publications

      1. May include, but is not limited to, online self-paced modules; recorded webinars; or publications.

  • Program Criteria

    1. Real-time delivery and self-study programs must feature 50 minutes of educational programming for CE credit qualification. (Time for questions/answers or exam time is not included in the 50-minute minimum).

    2. 50 minutes of education constitutes 1 credit hour; after the first credit hour, CE credit can be calculated in half-hour increments, rounded down to the nearest half hour.

      1. If providing evidence of session time is not possible (i.e. in some online self-study programs or in publications), a scored quiz can be used as proof of completion.

      2. The quiz must consist of a minimum of 10 questions per hour of education and must be scored by the education provider. Evidence of satisfactory completion (70% or higher) is required for acceptance.

  • Program Records

    1. CE providers must maintain record of the educational program and attendees for 4 years following the date of delivery.

    2. Records must include the following:

      1. Date, location, and format of the program delivery

      2. Name(s) of presenter(s) or discussion leader(s)

      3. Outline of the program presentation(s) and/or materials

      4. List of Institute certificants in attendance

      5. Successful completion of examination (if applicable)